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    The additional coronavirus emergency legislation is likely to crowd out many other items that were once on the Congressional priority lists for the summer. As a result, the list of other "must pass" legislation is increasingly small, with priority being given to bills to fund the federal government and renew Pentagon programs. .While the reasons for that are still being explored, it is likely the wearing of masks, frequent hand washing and staying away from crowds contributed to those results. .Susan has rheumatoid arthritis and was taking Humira, a drug that would cost more than ,000 out-of-pocket if she had to purchase it through a Part D plan. Prior to starting Medicare, she paid a .00 per month co-pay for Humira through her husband's insurance. Before starting on Medicare though, Susan decided to try a less expensive older generic, Methotrexate, which costs just .00 per month through her Part D plan. … Continued

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    43% support very gradually increasing the Social Security payroll tax rate paid by employers and employees. .TSCL Supports Bills to Prevent Premium Hike .In recent years, conversations about Social Security reform focused on the need to save funds by cutting benefits. While some lawmakers on Capitol Hill still favor an increase in the retirement age and a reduction in cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), others have shifted the debate towards a growing retiree savings "crisis" and calling for expanding benefits instead. Three bills in particular would strengthen and modernize the Social Security program while making benefits more generous for all recipients, but especially for those who rely on them the most. These bills have won the support of many in Washington – including The Senior Citizens League: … Continued

The decision on when to start benefits is complicated and you should get counseling. The Social Security Administration website has a great deal of information on survivor's benefits at as well as contact numbers to reach counselors. For more information about working after starting benefits see How Work Affects Your Benefits Publication Number 05-10069. .Why You Should Beware When The Doctor Wants To Hold You For "Observation" .Since 1980, the BLS has manipulated the CPI several times so that it no longer measures price inflation. Rather, it measures an ever-changing "market basket" of goods that is adjusted as prices drop and increase. It assumes that shoppers will purchase chicken when steak becomes too expensive, or apples instead of oranges when their prices drop. This has resulted in a more slowly growing COLA for Social Security beneficiaries. Instead of allowing seniors to keep up with rising costs, today's COLA requires them to constantly adjust to lower standards of living. .Third, one new cosponsor – Senator Kamala Harris (CA) – signed on to the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act (S. 469) this week, bringing the total up to twenty-two. If adopted, S. 469 would reduce prescription drug prices by allowing individuals, pharmacies, and wholesale distributors to safely import prescription drugs from abroad, where they are often much cheaper. .Social Security's "full" retirement age is the age at which you qualify for full, un-reduced benefits. It's based on your date of birth, so it varies for everyone. In 1983, Congress enacted changes that very gradually raised the full retirement age to age 67 by the year 202The full retirement age for people born between 1943 and 1954 is 6For those born in 1955 it is 66 and 2 months and it goes up 2 months per year for those born between 1956 and 195For people born in 1960 and thereafter, the full retirement age is 67. .Get routine physicals and screenings done prior to the start of Medicare's annual Part D Open Enrollment. Case in point: My client had problems with her new blood pressure medication. It was one of the most common and inexpensive generics but she suffered from extreme fatigue and depression. At my urging, she returned to her doctor and was given a new brand prescription to try and a 7-day free sample. She felt better right away. Routine physicals and screenings are generally scheduled about 12 months apart, but try to get them completed about 30 days BEFORE the annual fall Medicare Part D Open Enrollment period, so you can allow for a trial period with any new meds. When you get your new prescription, ask your doctor or pharmacist for a complete list of side effects or possible drug interactions. Keep a list of symptoms if you don't start feeling better. .The Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed charges against more than half a dozen people accused of pushing silver products and other fake treatments for Covid-1The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has gotten the marketer of a Vitamin C supplement to stop claiming it can treat the virus. And the FTC and Food and Drug Administration have been sending dozens of joint warning letters to companies for touting unapproved treatments or preventatives. .Single taxpayers with more than one job. .Rep. Gene Green (TX-29) recently introduced a bill that would remove the limit for the amount of outside income that an individual could earn while receiving Social Security benefits. The Social Security Earnings Test Repeal Act of 2011 was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means.