• The Senior Citizens League Weekly Update For Week Ending March 13 2020

    Minimal Workplace Enforcement—A Contributing Factor .Signatures on the Notch Victim Constituent Petition are also helping to convince more lawmakers than ever to co-sponsor "The Notch Fairness Act." .Gathering with unvaccinated people from more than one other household … Continued

  • Benefit Bulletin January 2015

    Lawmakers Adjourn for Recess .Is his condition found on the Social Security Administration's list of disabling conditions? This is a list of medical conditions that the Social Security Administration considers so severe that it prevents a person from completing substantial gainful activity. .With So Much At Stake It's Time to Challenge Elected Lawmakers! … Continued

Federal law generally prohibits or restricts the payment of both Social Security and SSI to unauthorized noncitizens, but a number of exceptions exist. Although the perplexing web of rules differ for each program, immigration or disability attorneys are frequently involved in applicants' efforts to apply and qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits. In addition, illegal immigrants may be using forged or invalid Social Security numbers (SSNs) and papers when claiming benefits. .TSCL acknowledges the fact that changes to programs like Social Security and Medicare will be necessary in the coming years, and we agree that changes should be made sooner rather than later to protect seniors from harsh benefit cuts. Our surveys show that seniors favor Social Security reform options that would require wealthier Americans to pay taxes on all of their earnings, and Medicare reform options that would better coordinate care and prioritize the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse. .Policy experts question how patients will make up postponed care (some services can't be made up) and the degree to which delays in getting care will have adverse health consequences. Both of these concerns suggest that another type of surge for hospitals—the aftermath of postponed care — may be coming next. Cutting hospital reimbursements now could potentially limit access to care when Medicare beneficiaries need it the most. .Up to 85 percent of Social Security benefits can be subject to taxation if an individual has a combined income of ,000 and married couples filing jointly have a combined income of ,000. Had income thresholds been adjusted for inflation, they would be about ,902 for individuals and ,515 for joint filers in 2020. "Combined income" is determined by adding one's adjusted gross income, plus any tax - free interest income, and one - half of Social Security benefits. .The responsibility is on you to notify the SSA of your age, and file an application for retirement benefits based on your own earnings, if higher. As you continue working past age 66, the retirement benefit you receive based on your own earnings continues to grow. That retirement credit is only applied until age 70; however, there's no additional increase thereafter, so put in your claim now. .Why does decision making have to be so hard? How much time is the right amount to spend on thinking things over? Can you even name anyone who never made a bad decision? We can't either. .The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that spending for Social Security, Medicare, other major healthcare programs, defense, and interest payments alone would require every dollar of revenue in about eight years, leaving nothing left over for the rest of the federal budget. The CBO further says that federal debt cannot grow faster than the nation's output indefinitely without causing long-term damage to the government's finances and broader economy. .In January, lawmakers on Capitol Hill will likely begin efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, overhaul the tax code, dramatically alter trade deals, and confirm a new Supreme Court Justice. It remains to be seen which other policy issues will be prioritized by the Republican Congress. Efforts to reform the Social Security and Medicare programs have been on the table for years, and in the platform that the Republican party adopted back in July, lawmakers agreed that "of the many reforms being proposed, all options should be considered." Proposals to raise the Medicare eligibility age or to adopt the "chained" CPI – which would result in more slowly-growing Social Security cost-of-living adjustments – could see congressional action in 2017. .Telephone scammers are bilking Medicare out of billions of dollars, and bombarding millions of older U.S. consumers with multiple daily automated phone calls for everything from "free" back braces to genetic tests. While Medicare scams have been with us for decades, what's new is the use of automated calling technology, and the massive international scale of the scams.