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    TSCL is working for the re-introduction of the Notch Fairness Act. This legislation would allow Notch Babies born from 1917 through 1926, or survivors who receive benefits on a Notch Baby's account, to choose a lump sum of ,000 payable in four annual installments of ,250, or an improved monthly benefit. .Last year, under Shkreli's direction, Turing Pharmaceuticals made headlines for buying the rights to a decades-old anti-infective drug and hiking its price from .50 per pill to 0 per pill. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had tough questions for Turing's representatives at Thursday's hearing, and each of them expressed their dismay for the price gouging that is occurring in the pharmaceutical market. .For details, or to see if your Members of Congress will be holding town hall meetings during the summer recess, call their local offices. You can find contact information HERE. For a list of ten sample town hall questions, click HERE. … Continued

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    The pending cuts are due to a rule, the PAYGO Act, which was passed in 2010 and which corrects for additions to the federal deficit by automatically cutting funding from certain departments and programs. .You will still need to follow guidance at your workplace. .How much are you over-paying for your prescription drugs? The only way to find out is to do a drug plan comparison based on all the drugs you take. This is the time of year you can make changes during the Medicare Open Enrollment period, which runs through the month of November and ends December 7th. Give the Medicare Drug Plan Finder a try. You can get free one-on-one counseling by contacting your local Area on Aging, State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) or senior centers and ask for help comparing Medicare drug plans. … Continued

"Sorting this out isn't easy for most seniors or family members who try to help them," Johnson admits. "Medicare Part D can befuddle all of us," Johnson says. "But comparing plans saves so much -- where else are you going to get this sort of return for your time?" Johnson wryly notes. "Just do it. If you don't have computer access, or just are not sure how to start, get the help of a Medicare benefits counselor from your State Health Insurance Program (SHIP), " Johnson urges. Many of the programs operate through local Area Agencies on Aging or you can call the Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116, or call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE ( 7). .When asked what portion of Social Security benefits retirees spent on healthcare here's how survey participants responded: .Survey participants also support making changes to modestly increase benefits by using a senior CPI, the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E), to determine the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA), and to provide a boost of about per month. TSCL is meeting with Members of Congress to enact these changes. With 73% of survey participants reporting that their household expenses in 2015 rose by more than a month, while average Social Security benefits are stuck around ,250 due to low or no COLAs, TSCL is making a strong case that older Americans need a raise! .TSCL enthusiastically supports H.R. 2305 and H.R. 3118, and we were pleased to see support grow for both of them this week. ."Income-Relating Medicare Part B and Part D Premiums: How Many Medicare Beneficiaries Will Be Affected?" Kaiser Family Foundation, Publication No. 8126, December 2010. .Congress should strengthen Social Security benefits by boosting benefits about 2 percent (about on average) and tie the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E) which, in most years, would yield a modestly higher COLA. — 83 percent support, 12 percent not sure, and 5 percent opposed. .Can You Live On Social Security Alone? .High unemployment during the COVID pandemic of 2020 could cause an estimated 4 million people who were born in 1960 to face permanent reductions to their Social Security benefits, due to a flawed feature of the Social Security benefit formula. Congress can prevent this from happening, but only if it takes action in time. To prevent benefit cuts, Congress may need to enact legislation by the end of this year, before the 1960 birth cohort turns 62 and first become eligible to claim Social Security retirement benefits. .Which dentists and dental specialists in your area are in the plan's network? Does the dental plan require you to use a network of dentists, or do you have the freedom to choose any provider who accepts your insurance? Are you willing to switch dentists in order for your care to be covered? It's especially important to learn what periodontists and other specialists in your area are in the dental plan's network. If you need to get a tooth pulled and an implant, but no periodontist accepts your dental coverage, you may wind up needing to spend ,000 or more out-of-pocket for an implant.