• Legislative Update For Week Ending June 21 2013

    This week, Members of Congress returned to Washington to begin working on a temporary measure that would avert a government shutdown on October 1st. In addition, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) announced its support for one new piece of legislation, and three key bills gained cosponsors. .I understand there is a large problem with illegal workers obtaining Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Suplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits using fraudulent Social Security numbers. Do we have some data verification? .Apply for Extra Help. Extra Help is the Medicare program for low-income seniors that can help with most or all of the cost of your drug plan premium, deductibles and co-pays. You also get valuable coverage in the Part D coverage gap. If you qualify, you would pay between $ for each drug. Apply even if you aren't sure, because the income requirements are not as stringent as those for State Pharmacy assistance programs. … Continued

  • Legislative Update For Week Ending August 30 2013

    The bill, which TSCL supports enthusiastically, was amended this week to include a pay-for that would cover the projected cost of its passage. Since the IPAB currently has no appointed members and it has not yet been triggered to begin making recommendations to Congress, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that its repeal will have no budgetary impact over the next six years. However, it could increase spending by around .1 billion between 2022 and 2025 since it may be triggered during that timeframe. .Although immigration law forbids work without authorization, immigrants do find jobs and employers report their earnings to SSA. Currently there are no official published data on the amount of money paid into the Social Security system by aliens whether legal or illegal.(5) Social Security's Chief Actuary, Stephen C. Goss, however, has been quoted in the news media as saying that about three quarters of "other–than–legal" immigrants pay payroll taxes.(6) .This week, after receiving countless complains from seniors without cell phone access, the Social Security Administration removed the text requirement from the online account login process. In addition, lawmakers continued their seven-week congressional recess. … Continued

With the economy continuing to sputter, most seniors and Baby Boomers don't feel all that secure about their retirement finances. How realistic will my budget be for the New Year? Will Social Security and othe retirement income cover all my bills? Are my savings adequate to cover expensive chronic health costs? Seniors can find answers, practical tips and more in a special "Best Ways to Save" issue of The Social Security & Medicare Advisor newsletter free from The Senior Citizens League (TSCL). .If your prescription drug costs are outgrowing your ability to pay for your medicine, look into Medicare's "Extra Help" program. The program helps pay for some, or most, of the costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage, depending on income. In addition, there's no doughnut hole coverage gap that leaves you footing the bill for a larger share of the co-insurance, there's no late enrollment penalty, and you have the chance to switch plans at any time. According to the 2018 Medicare & You Handbook, drug costs in 2018 for people who qualify will be no more than .35 for generics and .35 for brand-name drugs. .How Can My Sister's Son-In-Law Work And Claim Disability? .This week, lawmakers in the Senate continued working on plans to reform the healthcare system. In addition, The Senior Citizens League saw five key bills gain new cosponsors in the House. .Only two weeks remain before the March 31st deadline, and at this point, it appears as though a temporary "doc fix" will be necessary. Sen. Hatch mentioned on Tuesday that lawmakers are currently considering a nine-month pay patch, which would mean that lawmakers wouldn't have to revisit the issue until after the November elections. Should lawmakers fail to reach an agreement on either a temporary or a permanent solution, doctors who treat Medicare patients will see a 24 percent pay cut, which would negatively impact seniors' access to quality medical care. .House Committee Advances IPAB Repeal .If you delay starting benefits, past your full retirement age, your benefit will grow by 8% of the full retirement benefit amount per year until age 70, at which point your benefit would be about ,50To learn more about your Social Security benefits, and to get estimates visit the Social Security Administration's website at .Town Hall Question: Comprehensive immigration reform would make millions eligible for Social Security benefits based on work done without legal authorization. What is your position on the current policy that allows entitlement based on work done under invalid Social Security numbers, and would you consider supporting legislation that would close this loophole? .Again, next year, a number of physicians and medical specialists were facing sharp Medicare pay cuts. This was to come, of course, in the face of the worst pandemic in our lifetimes and one which has worn so many physicians and nurses to the point of exhaustion.