• Failing To Lift Debt Limit Would Be Disastrous For Social Security And Medicare

    What To Do When You Can't Afford Your Drug Costs .How Much Would Delaying Retirement After Full Retirement Age Increase My Benefit? .To be eligible for the Making Work Pay Tax Credit, individuals must have earned income from a job, be within income limits that apply to the credit, and have a valid Social Security number. Although the money was advanced in higher pay (and pension checks), taxpayers must figure the credit on Schedule M and attach it to a Form 1040 or 1040A in order to claim it. Taxpayers filing a 1040 EZ may figure the credit on the worksheet attached to the return. … Continued

  • Legislative Update November 2015

    " ‘If it comes to getting my family members vaccinated, and all that's available is J&J or Novavax, I'd tell them to take it,' said Robert Hancock, president of the Texas College of Emergency Physicians." .UnitedHealth, the largest provider of Medicare Advantage plans, announced in mid-November that they would be dropping thousands of doctors from their networks in at least ten states. By the end of 2014, the company expects its network of doctors to be 85 percent to 90 percent of its pre-Obamacare size. .In addition, the budget proposal includes more than 0 billion in cuts to Medicare providers, including hospitals, post-acute care providers, skilled nursing facilities, and pharmaceutical companies. According to the White House, these cuts would add five years to the solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund, but TSCL has concerns about how they would affect seniors' access to quality medical care. … Continued

Now, with the massive amounts of money being spent by Congress to deal with the coronavirus, which is all borrowed money, we cannot help but wonder what Congress will do when the trust funds for Social Security and Medicare become insolvent. There is still time to fix the programs if the trust funds remain as they are now but cutting the payroll would be devastating and would create a new crisis for seniors that we do not need and should not have to face. .Some issues of controversy inevitably arose at Thursday's hearing, but common ground was also found on the important issue of corporate tax reform. The Joint Committee, which must hold a vote on its final proposal before Thanksgiving, will likely hold a third public hearing in the coming weeks. TSCL will continue to monitor its progress. .Social Security recipients, on the other hand, wouldn't have received anything during that period because the price inflation, as measured by the government's Consumer Price Index for Workers (CPI-W), fell and was not high enough for a COLA to be payable at all until January of this year. The projected Congressional COLA for 2013 is 1.1% and that would equal an extra ,900 if it takes effect, resulting in an annual salary of 5,900. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently projected that seniors would receive a 1.3% COLA in 201If the CBO is correct, the COLA would only raise average annual Social Security benefits about 9, from ,200 in 2012 to ,389 in 201There's a widespread misconception that Members of Congress don't pay into Social Security. That's not true. They do — but not on all of their salary. .Changes in your earnings: Did you report increases in salary or commissions? You need to keep Social Security informed of higher earnings in order for your benefits to be accurately withheld. .Before a vaccine was approved for distribution, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission posted a warning about fake stock offers pitching a nonexistent biotech company allegedly developing a vaccine. .— are relatively young and, .In the meantime, though, as businesses re-open and we return to a new version of normal, it's important to stay vigilant. .Before doing anything else make sure you have a realistic budget, and think long term. You want your income and savings to be adequate as long as possible, 30 years or even longer is not unrealistic for someone your age. In developing a budget, look back over at least three years to include large expenditures for periodic home maintenance and repairs, transportation, medical costs and other large costs. Include what you pay in taxes. Once you get an expense figure, allow for at least 3% per year for inflation. Then tally up your income and assets, including the value and expected income from retirement accounts and pensions, if any. .Given the above story about how Medicare users pay so much more for drugs than Medicaid users, could this be the year we finally win?