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    Call on your Member of Congress and urge them to sign on in support of the Medicare Physician Payment Innovation Act, and in doing so stand up for millions of American seniors who depend on their access to their doctors and healthcare providers for everyday and lifesaving care. .According to a report in The Hill, a Washington, D.C., newspaper, "There are further administrative steps that need to happen before the proposal will actually take effect and result in lower drug prices. The secretary of Health and Human Services will have to issue the details of the proposal, and there will be an array of questions as to how the policy will work in practice. .At The Senior Citizens League, we understand the scope of the nation's deficit and we know that some small changes to Medicare may be necessary. However, we firmly believe that any adjustments should be phased in gradually, and that current enrollees and those nearing retirement should be protected from sudden changes. Congress is not likely to vote on any Medicare reform plans before the November election, but TSCL will continue to monitor the evolving negotiations. To learn more, visit our website at . … Continued

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    Since 2000, COLAs have increased Social Security benefits a total of 55 percent, yet typical senior expenses through July 2021 grew 104.8%. The average Social Security benefit in 2000 was 6 per month. That benefit grew to ,262.40 by 2021 due to COLA increases. However, because retiree costs are rising at a far more rapid pace than the COLA, this study found that a Social Security benefit of ,671.20 per month (8.80 more) would be required just to maintain the same level of buying power that 6 had in 2000. .According to the committee report, a (now retired) Social Security judge, David B. Daugherty, schemed with a disability attorney Eric C. Conn, improperly awarding benefits to "virtually all" of Conn's 1,823 clients. The decisions were based on recommendations by an unusually loyal group of doctors who "often examined Conn's clients right in his law offices" according to a CBS News "60 Minutes" program. .Proponents say that the change is needed because the CPI is inaccurate and doesn't reflect the effect on inflation when consumers substitute different types of lower-costing goods and services as prices increase. They argue that the government overpays Social Security beneficiaries because the current index is inaccurate and overstates inflation. … Continued

"'We find no indication that these reductions in demand affect only ‘low-value' drugs; on the contrary, those at the highest risk of heart attack and stroke, who would benefit the most from statins and antihypertensives, cut back more on these drugs than lower-risk patients.'" .When asked whether you prefer to get your Social Security benefits directly deposited electronically to bank accounts or received by mail, 9 percent of seniors still prefer receiving checks. .What can you do? Sign one of TSCL's current petitions. .Do you have a plan to manage aging parents, siblings, or the needs of children or grandchildren? Do family commitments require your time, attention or other resources, including finances? If something were to happen to you, how would that impact other family members? If children or grandchildren come to you asking for loans or childcare, how does that impact your retirement finances and how will you manage that? .Benefit formula cuts: Change the benefit formula reducing benefits for new retirees with both high and average earnings. .In recent years the Earnings Suspense File has been growing at an unprecedented pace. A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, Russ Knocke, was recently quoted as saying that, last year, as many as 10% of the wage reports received by the Social Security Administration (SSA) belonged to employees whose name and Social Security number did not match those of SSA. .The average retired worker receives just ,500 year in Social Security benefits. .The report's findings are significant because the DI program is currently in serious financial trouble. If Congress does nothing to address its funding issues, the trust fund will become insolvent next year, at the end of 201At that point, enrollees will face an across-the-board 20 percent cut in benefits. .TSCL believes all three of these bills go a long way in ensuring the retirement security seniors have earned and deserve. In addition to strengthening benefits, each one would include measures to increase the solvency of the Social Security program responsibly, for 40 years or more into the future. We look forward to working with Rep. DeFazio, Rep. Larson, and Sen. Sanders in the months ahead to help build support for their important legislation.