• Legislative Update February March 2018

    Although not many studies exist, according to one study of average earners born from 1917 through 1926, the disparity in benefits with other retirees seems to average about 26%. .The costs of custodial care pose a big challenge for Alzheimer's patients and their families. According to a survey of long term care costs by Genworth Financial, Inc., a semi-private room in a nursing home can cost ,148 a month, or ,750 per month in an assisted living facility. Even a home health care aide costs per hour. Many families work to put together a caregiving network with family, friends, churches and community services in the early stages of Alzheimer's treatment. .Switching Drug Plans Can Save Big Money — Here's Proof … Continued

  • H R 1391 Social Security 2100 Act

    According to the IRS, advance payments of the Child Tax Credit will be made from July through December to eligible taxpayers and will be up to 50% of the credit. Advance payments will be estimated from your 2020 tax returns, or 2019 returns if the 2020 returns are not filed and processed yet. .The TSCL Board of Trustees and staff are all dedicated to helping seniors. The following services provided by TSCL are considered primary and essential to the betterment of the quality of life of our nation's senior citizens: .Shopping for housing after an emergency. Your retirement housing is one of the most important investments you will ever make. It's important to start your search of retirement living options while you or the family member you are helping can optimally participate. Be realistic about care needs. Often families discover that a facility does not offer the level of services that may later be required and need to move again. … Continued

Medicare part B was not paid for by increasing taxes but is paid for by borrowing money. So were the tax cuts that the President supported, and Congress passed in 2017. .Medicare Part B enrollees who don't receive Social Security benefits. This includes people who have delayed the start of Social Security and all people who are billed for Medicare. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2013 about half of all people on Medicare who don't receive Social Security yet had incomes below ,000. .Commissioner Colvin backed the plan to address the DI program's looming insolvency that was released by President Obama in his recent fiscal 2016 budget blueprint. That proposal would adjust the distribution of payroll tax revenues for a period of five years, so that the DI program would receive 0.9 percent more than it currently is receiving, adding around seventeen years to the trust fund's solvency. .For progress updates or for more information about these and other bills that would strengthen Social Security and Medicare programs, visit the our website at , follow TSCL on Twitter or Facebook. .Social Security Notch Reform – Working towards benefit equality for older Americans. .We want to reiterate here that TSCL is a non-partisan organization and we work with any member of Congress and both political parties when they support legislation that we believe is in the best interest of America's seniors. .Minimal Workplace Enforcement—A Contributing Factor .How You Can Get Help With Heating Costs .It was during this time that TREA Senior Citizens League (TSCL) was founded, and of its primary goals became the representation of those affected by the Notch in Congress. Recognizing that Congress created the Notch by reducing Social Security benefits in the past, and that baby-boomers nearing retirement would provide continuing pressure to reduce benefits in the near future, TSCL's primary mission is to protect "earned" Social Security and Medicare benefits.