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    TSCL is particularly concerned about adding significant new long-term permanent costs to Social Security and Medicare by providing temporary work authorization to millions of people who worked illegally prior to gaining authorization. The high degree of uncertainty about the potential future costs was made evident months before Obama ever announced the executive action in November of last year. ."And that's not all," says Cates. "Beneficiaries lose the compounding effect they get with higher benefits," he notes. "Even when inflation returns to more typical levels, beneficiaries' lifetime Social Security income will continue to be lower," Cates explains. .This week, Senate Budget Chair Kent Conrad (ND) released his Fiscal Commission Budget Plan, which would overhaul the tax code and make major changes to both Social Security and Medicare. In addition, TSCL saw support grow for the Social Security Fairness Act. … Continued

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    Congress Averts Government Shutdown .Ask your doctor if you have alternate insulin options to control your blood glucose levels. Novolin may be one of them, and it may be less expensive, but it acts differently than Lantus. Ask your doctor if there are any dietitians working with the clinic who can help you reduce your reliance on Lantus and thus the quantity you need to use. Perhaps you can take a combination of Novolin and Lantus. .Key Social Security Bill Re-Introduced … Continued

What tips do you have for job hunting seniors? .The other big variable in health care is insuring against the risk of a big tab for long-term care. This is an area where we just don't have very good options right now. The market for private long-term care insurance doesn't function very well -- the cost of coverage has been soaring, and the number of insurance companies in the market has been shrinking. Medicaid is the country's biggest payer for nursing home bills, but you need to spend down to poverty levels to qualify and most often your care choices are limited. The other options are "self-insuring" paying out of pocket if you're very affluent, or if like many older senior Americans, you rely on family members for help. .Lawmakers at Wednesday's Budget Committee hearing discussed potential solutions to the solvency challenge, including the Social Security 2100 Act (H.R. 860), introduced by Congressman John Larson (CT-1) and cosponsored by more than 200 House lawmakers. Congressman Larson, who testified before the committee members on Wednesday, outlined his Social Security reform proposal in detail. .A Word of Warning .The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the agency within the Department of Labor that gathers information about prices that consumers pay in order to determine the inflation rate, and therefore the COLA for next year, has let it be known that because of the virus they are going to have to estimate some of the costs of goods and services instead of finding out what they actually are. .My husband survived cancer but his healthcare costs depleted our savings. Do you have suggestions for coping with debt in retirement? .Currently, the two vaccines available are produced by Moderna and Pfizer. However, a vaccine from Johnson and Johnson could become available within the next few days. And there could be one or two more available in a few more weeks. .Scrapping the Social Security payroll tax cap on the taxable wages would not only provide enough revenues to make the program solvent for another 50 years, but would also pay for a more fair and accurate cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for current retirees. For example, say a CEO of a company receives million in compensation. That individual and the employer each pays 6.2% Social Security taxes on the first 8,500 in wages. Social Security receives a total of ,69But if the entire million were taxed, Social Security would receive 8,000 instead. .This week, lawmakers in the House and Senate remained in their home states and districts to continue the fall congressional recess.