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    Compare plans! Use health and drug plan comparison tools found at — Because premiums, out-of-pocket costs and drug coverage vary so enormously between plans, the single best habit to get into is comparing your coverage options every year. Your best tools for comparing health and drug plans coverage and information about premiums and costs can be found online at If you don't have computer or Internet access, work with a friend or family member who does. Or you can get one-on-one counseling assistance through your state health insurance assistance program (SHIP). Many of these programs operate through local area agencies on aging. .This week, the Social Security Administration (SSA) revealed that it has been overpaying almost half of all Disability Insurance (DI) enrollees, and The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) saw one key bill gain critical support. .I recently received a notice from Social Security that says I've been overpaid because I earned more than the allowable amount. I started benefits at age 62 after losing my job. I finally found a new one and I've been working for the past two years. I'm now 6When I first tried to report my earnings at our local Social Security office, I was told that the Social Security Administration would let me know what would be taken out of my benefits. The notice I received says I was overpaid by more than ,000! Now it looks like I won't get any Social Security payment for months. … Continued

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    Jessie Gibbons – TSCL's senior policy analyst – told Karen Damato of Money, "We're concerned that the abrupt change will cause a lot of confusion and frustration among older Americans, many of whom don't have reliable access to text-enabled cellphones." In addition, Mary Johnson – a policy consultant for The Senior Citizens League – told Mary Beth Franklin of InvestmentNews, "Based on what we know at the moment, the alternative to checking online is either calling SSA's 1-800-772-1213 line, or trekking out to a local Social Security office where you take a number and wait in line." She also said, "The Senior Citizens League feels that online security is vital, but feels alternate options should be offered." .TSCL Delivers Hundreds Of Thousands Of Petitions .Failure to balance between price and services. Assisted living and continuing care communities can be very expensive and more people are living longer in these facilities. It's important to make finances last while maintaining access to the best care. When exploring options, don't be afraid to look into facilities in areas that have lower costs of living, even if you won't be able to visit with your family every single day. What you give up in fancy features, you may trade off with more affordable rents, and service fees, more personal attention, while still getting high standards of care. … Continued

While Ponzi relied on keeping his financing scheme secret, Social Security's financing is well known. The Social Security trustees issue a detailed report every year that outlines the projected financing and outlays and funding problems of the program. .Access to work authorization is a key issue for Social Security. With work authorization, non-citizen workers can become eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits. Under current law workers become fully eligible for Social Security benefits after ten years of work. A new survey by the Pew Hispanic Center indicates that an estimated 6.4 million illegals have been living in this country for at least 10 years and thus potentially would be in line for Social Security and Medicare should they receive work authorization. .We gave you the bad news about eating fried foods, which really is nothing very new. But there was some hopeful news last week that we want to pass along. .We may not all agree on ways to reform the system, but at the very least it is time for our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to wake up and admit that we can't continue to defend the status quo. These new reports from the Medicare trustees make that much perfectly clear. .At a recent hearing from the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, experts in the MA field warned that their plans will not be able to absorb the looming cuts, and they will likely have to trim benefits or increase out-of-pocket costs as they are phased in over the next decade. One witness, Chris Wing – the CEO of SCAN Health Plans – said his MA plan that covers nearly 200,000 seniors in California and Arizona will have to begin limiting provider networks or withdraw from a few markets altogether. .Last Wednesday, the Senate's Special Committee on Aging held a hearing titled "Turning 65: Navigating Critical Decisions to Age Well." The committee focused on the social and financial challenges that keep many seniors from living fulfilling lives in retirement. As Chairwoman Collins (ME) stated, "For the next 12 years, 10,000 Americans will turn 65 each day." .This week, action on Capitol Hill slowed down as both Houses of Congress adjourned for a district work period. However, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) did see support grow for one key piece of legislation. .With reconciliation, Democrats can pass a bill without any Republican votes so they are hoping to get a much more comprehensive bill than the Grassley-Wyden one. ."If you look at the science across all diseases, you see few outbreaks" on planes, Allen said. "It's not the hotbed of infectivity that people think it is."