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    If your husband's company had 20 or more employees, and your husband's former employer still has the same health coverage, you and your husband may have the option to temporarily continue to get healthcare coverage under your husband's former employer plan as provided by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). That coverage now, however, is likely to be more expensive than it was while your husband was an active employee, and it's only a short-term option. These are two reasons why both you and your spouse should explore other options promptly. .This week, TSCL's Board of Trustees traveled to Washington, D.C. for its first meeting of 201The Board of Trustees includes the following members: Edward Cates, Chairman; Charlie Flowers, Vice-Chairman; Arthur Cooper, Secretary; Deborah Oelschig, Treasurer; Michael Gales, PAC Treasurer; and Larry Hyland, Liaison and President of TREThe Enlisted Association. .3 Social Security scenarios show vastly different results … Continued

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    Provide a guaranteed minimum COLA of 3 percent. Providing a COLA guarantee of 3 percent in years when no, or an extremely low COLA is payable would eliminate the triggering of hold harmless and subsequent Medicare premium spikes on a program-wide basis. Because the vast majority of beneficiaries would be able to afford their premium increase, the cost of Part B premiums would be shared over the greatest possible number of beneficiaries, keeping Part B increases lower. .Once non-citizen workers obtain a valid SSN, they can provide SSA with evidence of earnings reports from unauthorized employment prior to receiving their SSN. Their earnings will be reinstated under their valid SSN. In addition when a person files for benefits, a SSA employee reviews the earnings record with the worker and assists to establish any earnings that are not shown or are not correctly posted. .Millions of other public servants find themselves in similar situations, often too late to do much about it. To reconcile this inequity, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) enthusiastically supports the Social Security Fairness Act (S. 896 and H.R. 1795), a bill that would repeal both provisions and grant public servants the retirement security they deserve. The bill was introduced by Senator Mark Begich (AK) in the Senate, and by Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13) in the House. So far, it has gained significant traction in both chambers. In the House, it recently reached one hundred co-sponsors, and in the Senate, nearly twenty lawmakers have signed on in support of it. … Continued

"The bill does nothing at all to reduce or eliminate the tax on Social Security benefits that burdens more than half of all retiree households," Johnson notes. Yet the tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest households in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act will add an estimated .5 trillion to the national debt. Some conservative Members of Congress say they are planning a budget that would require mandatory spending cuts to reduce the debt next year. .TSCL is continuing to work hard for any and all legislation that would accomplish those goals. .The act also recalculates COLAs so future changes would be based on the price of goods and services seniors actually buy, like medications, by using a formula known as Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E). Currently, the COLA is based on CPI-W, which evaluates the entire economy, including infant and toddler apparel, nursery care, toys and school fees. .At the same time that Social Security and Medicare rolls are increasing, the funding for Social Security and Medicare, which depend on payroll taxes withheld from wages, has fallen. Payroll taxes are not withheld from people who have no earnings. .The Senior Citizens League was disappointed that the President did not comment on Social Security or Medicare during his State of the Union address, but we were pleased that he spoke about the need to reduce prescription drug prices. The President said he was proud to have helped improve "access to breakthrough cures and affordable generic drugs" by speeding up the FDA approvals process last year. That move could increase competition and bring down prices by encouraging generics to enter the market more quickly. .Many seniors are struggling with their vastly diminished retirement accounts following the stock market crash. Additionally, the inventory of unsold houses has now reached record highs and the forecasts for retirees who need to get their cash out of real estate are gloomy indeed. .They claim that a "Buy American" order could raise domestic drug prices, since both labor and materials are much more expensive in the U.S. — which could cut against one of The President's signature health care planks going into the November election. .Members of the Finance Committee seemed receptive to Blum's suggestions on Wednesday, but it remains to be seen whether they will act in the coming months. Thus far, one of the greatest hurdles for lawmakers has been coming up with an offset to cover the cost of the repeal – the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the price tag will be nearly 0 billion over ten years. TSCL is hopeful that lawmakers will repeal and replace the SGR by the end of this year in order to preserve seniors' access to quality medical care. As the discussions evolve over the coming months, we will continue to post updates here in the Legislative News section of our website. .Use call block technology. If you have a smart phone, you can block calls from unknown numbers. Some land line phones also have similar technology.