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    Use to screen for programs in your area. If you don't have a computer, ask a friend or family member to help you do an online Benefits Checkup. The service asks you a series of questions about where you live, your income, and a number of other qualifications, and matches you up with programs that can provide help with medications among a menu of other valuable benefits. .However, with two weeks to go before the October deadline, negotiations have stalled. Leaders in the House have decided to tie the temporary funding extension to a measure that would defund the Affordable Care Act. Currently, a number of political strategies are being considered, but members of both political parties are unsatisfied with the options that leaders have put forth so far. .One important factor to consider is the ability to receive benefits and work at the same time without reduction once you have reached full retirement age. The additional income could mean you would pay somewhat more taxes, but it may also be a way to save more earnings for retirement, or, for major investments like repairs and maintenance to retrofit a home for retirement or to replace an aging car. … Continued

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    We may not all agree on ways to reform the system, but at the very least it is time for our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to wake up and admit that we can't continue to defend the status quo. These new reports from the Medicare trustees make that much perfectly clear. .The stockpile had 13 million medical-quality N-95 masks when the pandemic hit. The government aspires to have 1 billion, with 300 million anticipated by fall. It had 2 million gowns at the start of the pandemic and expects that to grow to as many as 7 million. .Although Part D plans are given leeway to vary how they structure their plans here is a breakdown of the standard Medicare Part D plan cost sharing in 2020: … Continued

The report attributed the rapid increase to "an aging population, rising health care costs, and an expansion of federal subsidies for health insurance." In 2039, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal healthcare programs are expected to cost approximately 14 percent of the economy, which is double the 7 percent average that has held steady over the past forty years. .Senate Aging Committee Holds Hearing .Your required minimum distribution (RMD) is the minimum amount that you must withdraw from retirement accounts each year. Failure to do so by your deadline can result in a penalty equal to 50% of the required amount not withdrawn. .The government would provide a fixed amount of money or "voucher" to purchase private coverage. Currently Medicare pays per procedure. Under this proposal the federal government would provide a fixed amount of money or "voucher," to private health plans to provide coverage. The amount of the voucher would be limited to the growth of the gross domestic product plus one percentage point. However, for the last 40 years national healthcare spending has exceeded the growth of the gross domestic product by more than two percentage points. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said that over time the vouchers would become increasingly inadequate to purchase sufficient coverage, or that seniors would face significantly higher premiums. .In addition, Many Members of Congress have gone on the record saying that they would prefer to pass a short-term spending measure that would provide funding only through March of next year. That way, Republican majorities in both chambers would have more leverage when the issue is revisited. In an interview last week, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS-1) stated: "It doesn't make any sense to me to say, ‘Let's negotiate before we have a better position.'" Many lawmakers in the House and Senate seem to feel the same way. .Social Security was never designed to be the sole source of retirement income. It replaces around 40 percent of the average earnings of its beneficiaries. Pensions and savings form the two other major streams of retirement income, but people who retire with all three sources of retirement income are rare. Even worse, recent research from the National Institute of Retirement Security found that more than 40% of older adults have no retirement income other than Social Security. .One of TSCL's top priorities again this year is for legislation to reduce the costs of prescription drugs. It is outrageous that we in the United States pay some of the highest prices in the developed world for the prescription drugs that we urgently need to preserve our health. .A California physician ordered 115 Schedule II drugs (the class at highest risk for addiction) for just one beneficiary in 200Medicare paid 5,711. .I Thought My Co-pay Would Be Why Did I Have To Pay 3.45?