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    The other two actions are related to eviction protections and student loan relief. .A 2.5 or 3 percent COLA would be sufficient to boost an average monthly retiree benefit of ,500 by .50 to .00 respectively. That would be enough to cover a substantial Part B premium increase in 2021. .While not all generics work the same or as well as brand name drugs, they do work much or most of the time and the savings would be enormous. … Continued

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    A growing volume of research is linking problems with eyes, ears, and teeth to health problems elsewhere in the body. Links have been found to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory illness, cancer, sleep apnea, dementia, and many other serious health conditions. Better care has been found to improve overall health in patients. Mary Johnson – a policy analyst for The Senior Citizens League – said this week, "Adding coverage may help both patients and Medicare save money on other costs." .Just years before they were set to retire, these individuals learned that they would receive significantly lower benefits than originally anticipated. The problem has grown and compounded over time, and TSCL believes that in order to make the program more equitable, some compensation for the injustice should be provided. We enthusiastically support Rep. Meng's Notch Fairness Act, and we were pleased to see one new cosponsor sign on this week. .For updates on the progress of the Prescription Drug Affordability Act or for more information about the Medicare Part D doughnut hole, visit our website at or find us on Facebook and Twitter. … Continued

Now I say neglect, because it's been 38 years since Congress has done anything to strengthen Social Security and 50 year since we have improved its benefits. .On Wednesday, Members of the House voted to approve a temporary Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government past September 30th – the end of the fiscal year. Those in the Senate took it up quickly thereafter and voted for its passage on Thursday afternoon, despite reservations from some key Senators. .The so-called "Buy American" order could represent a seismic shakeup of the drug industry: No one knows exactly how much of the American drug supply chain is produced abroad, but some experts say that up to 90% of critical generic drugs are made at least partially abroad. .The WEP affects people who worked for a state or local government employer that did not withhold Social Security taxes from salary. When you claim the pension for your work as a police officer, the WEP can reduce your Social Security benefit by as much as half of the amount of your pension. .As a member of Congress, I have sought to protect Social Security and have advocated for seniors. From writing to President Obama urging him to exclude chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) from his 2015 budget to drafting legislation to help seniors save on tax deductions for medical expenses — I have fought to ensure Congress does not try to balance the budget on the backs of seniors. .By 2012, in just five years, the first wave of those former illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. in the 1970's at age 20, and became legal permanent residents in 1986, will turn 62 and old enough to file claims for Social Security. As immigrants draw close to retirement age they are more likely to check their Social Security records and request reinstatement of any unauthorized earnings for which they have evidence. This comes during the same period that Baby Boomers start retiring, and assets of the Social Security Trust Fund begin to decline. .Last week we learned that the top attorney in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), warned department officials that the program is potentially illegal because it could be in violation of federal election laws. .In addition, next week lawmakers will continue working on a spending package that will fund the federal government past December 9th. Negotiations have already begun to pass a continuing resolution (CR) that will provide short-term funding through January 201However, if those in the House and Senate fail to reach a compromise before the looming deadline, the government will shut down like it did in 2013 and Social Security beneficiaries could see negative impacts. .At a recent hearing from the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, experts in the MA field warned that their plans will not be able to absorb the looming cuts, and they will likely have to trim benefits or increase out-of-pocket costs as they are phased in over the next decade. One witness, Chris Wing – the CEO of SCAN Health Plans – said his MA plan that covers nearly 200,000 seniors in California and Arizona will have to begin limiting provider networks or withdraw from a few markets altogether.