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    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the agency within the Department of Labor that gathers information about prices that consumers pay in order to determine the inflation rate, and therefore the COLA for next year, has let it be known that because of the virus they are going to have to estimate some of the costs of goods and services instead of finding out what they actually are. .The announcement of the annual Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for the following year is like watching Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. Charlie Brown, our beloved cartoon character by Charles Schultz, gets talked into kicking off a football by the diabolical Lucy. Just as Charlie runs up to the football. Social Security Announces 1.3% COLA For 2021, One of Lowest Ever Paid Social Security recipients will receive an annual inflation boost of just 1.3% in 202The increase is so small, it's one of the lowest on record. The 2021 cost of living adjustment (COLA) will increase the average retiree ,523 benefit by about per month to ,54That increase is expected to be significantly offset,. An Emergency 2.5% COLA Could Add ,000 To Your Social Security Income Over the First Ten Years , editor .It sounds as though either your mother, or her acquaintance, received some incorrect information. "The Notch Fairness Act," legislation that would provide Notch Babies born 1917 through 1926 with a settlement of ,000, or a higher monthly benefit, has not yet passed. No doubt that's why the Social Security Administration did not respond to your mother's request. It is correct that widows or widowers receiving benefits on the account of a Notch Baby would be entitled to the ,000, or the higher monthly benefit if the legislation is enacted. … Continued

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    Determining when to move to a senior living facility is a complicated decision — making process that involves being able to think dispassionately and realistically about long-term needs. That's a tall order for anybody. It often means talking to others, getting outside opinions, and help from professionals. .Now, the Associated Press has reported that one administration official has said the odds are 75-25 that the program will not happen at all. .To fix the program, TSCL also supports an increase in Continuing Disability Reviews, which are conducted to determine whether an enrollee still qualifies for benefits, and an increase in the payroll tax cap, which currently sits at 8,500. We will continue to advocate for these and other long-term solutions that we believe would return the program to solvency responsibly. … Continued

Seniors and Baby Boomers nearing retirement have every right to object and that doesn't make anybody greedy for doing so. After 1983, when the Social Security Trust Fund began building up reserves, our government proceeded to use all excess funds, and replaced that money with .6 trillion in special non-marketable bonds, or I.O.U.s. Seniors are frequently told those I.O.U.s are backed by the full faith of the U.S. government which has never defaulted on its debt. But now that the U.S. Treasury must borrow to pay the interest due to the I.O.U.s held by the Trust Fund, lawmakers are considering plans that would cut promised Social Security benefits. If a government default on the U.S. savings bonds held by public investors is unthinkable — why is cutting obligations to Social Security beneficiaries any less so? .Get free one-on-one counseling. If all this makes you want to run away screaming, but you still have questions, just call your State Health Insurance Program (SHIP). You can get free one-on-one Medicare benefits counseling that can help you check your drug plan and figure out your charges. Many of these programs operate through local area agencies on aging. You can find local contact information at this website: .Here's where to go for help with these services: .Action on Capitol Hill remained slow as Members of both the House and Senate spent the final week of the month-long recess in their home states and districts. Members of Congress are expected to return to Washington on Monday, September 10th. .Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed its warning for cruise travel for the first time since several outbreaks on ships brought the industry to a halt last year. .In addition to a growing number of people affected by the tax, those who are affected pay a growing share of their benefits in taxes as well. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 52 million Social Security beneficiaries paid 6.7% of their Social Security benefits as income tax in 2014, and projects that will rise in the future to 10% or more. .The Medicare report estimated the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will become depleted in just six more year. .The 113th Congress: A New Opportunity for TSCL .Benefits haven't kept pace with the cost of living and all changes that have occurred over the last 50 years. …