• The Senior Citizens League Tscl Weekly Update For Week Ending June 26 2020

    For information about town hall meetings near you in the days ahead, call the local offices of your elected officials. For contact information, click HERE. .On Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing to discuss improvements to the Medicare payment system. Currently, reimbursements are determined by the SGR, a flawed formula that regularly calls for steep pay cuts to physicians and threatens seniors' access to medical care. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed a strong interest in repealing and replacing the formula in the coming months. .TSCL Announces Support for New Legislation … Continued

  • Legislative Update Week Ending November 14 2014

    Two Provisions That Can Reduce Or Eliminate Social Security Benefits .Let a call go to voicemail if you do not recognize a phone number, as scammers rarely leave messages. .President Trump has said all week that he will not agree to pass further stimulus measures to combat the economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak without a payroll tax cut. Trump has been advocating for a payroll tax cut since last summer, even before the pandemic, but it is opposed by most congressional Democrats and it is not clear the idea has much support among Republicans in Congress. Obviously, a payroll tax cut would have no benefit for Americans put out of work in the wake of the outbreak until they return to employment. … Continued

TSCL is opposed to this new rule. It is not possible to reduce the costs of prescription drugs by taking actions that end up making those who need the drugs pay more. .Britain, France, and Italy generally have the lowest prescription drug prices, while Canada, Germany and Japan tend to have higher prices, the data showed. .Sens. Tom Carper (DE) and Tom Coburn (OK) introduced S. 1123 on June 10, 201It has since been referred to the Committee on Finance. .This week, Members of Congress returned to their home states and districts for a week-long recess to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. They are expected to return to Capitol Hill on Monday, November 28th, to resume the lame-duck session. .TSCL agrees with Congressman Carter and Ranking Member Cummings, and we believe Congress must act before the end of this year to prevent price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry. We enthusiastically support the Prescription Drug Affordability Act, and we will advocate for it tirelessly in the months ahead. For updates on the bill's progress, visit the Legislative News section of our website, or follow us on Twitter. .TSCL strongly supports legislation like the Notch Fairness Act that would provide Notch babies with modest compensation, and we were pleased to see support grow this week. .Medicaid Cuts Would Hit Notch Babies And Families Hardest .Although law forbids work without authorization, immigrants use invalid SSNs to get jobs. When employers provide W2s in which the name and SSN do not match those in the SSA's records, the wage report is held in the Earnings Suspense File (ESF) until the discrepancy can be corrected, according to the Social Security Administration's Office of the Inspector General. This can occur even years later when a claim is filed for benefits. .Spring Congressional Recess Continues