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    The situation can be potentially dangerous for Medicare beneficiaries and their families. If you are approached or receive a call by someone offering money, free services, free groceries, free transportation or TVs for your Medicare number, say no. If you suspect fraud, Medicare has an area on its website where you can report fraud. .The number of people receiving benefits. .TSCL Endorses Social Security Administration Fairness Act … Continued

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    Moving between retirement communities and facilities can be burdensome and costly. Here are four things to avoid when looking into retirement living: .In addition, the agreements allow workers who split their careers in two or more nations to combine or "totalize" work credits from both countries. That allows them to become eligible for retirement benefits proportional to the amount of credits earned in either country. Although the U.S. has 24 such totalization agreements, most are with countries like the U.K. and Canada that have economies similar to ours. At issue in totalization with Mexico is whether millions of immigrants who have worked in this country without legal work authorization, along with their family dependents, would become eligible for U.S. Social Security benefits under the agreement. .Economic recession isn't entirely to blame for low inflation. For more than three decades the federal government has made a substantial number of changes to the methodology it uses to calculate the consumer price index, which is used to determine the COLA. "Virtually all the changes have tended to reduce the measured rate of inflation," Cates says. "Not surprisingly, many COLA recipients sometimes tell us they suspect the government is manipulating the inflation measure to cut spending on their benefits," he adds. … Continued

Texas has been hit the hardest by rural hospital closures, with 23 closures since 2013 and as many as 45% of rural and community hospitals operating in the red. By eliminating all private insurance with the single stroke of a pen, Medicare-for-all would force many of our state's already struggling hospitals to be reimbursed at lower rates, further complicating the financial solvency of rural health care providers. .This article focuses on immediate annuities that provide income that starts right away, and lasts over your entire lifetime. (There are deferred annuities that younger investors purchase for later payouts. This type often has a reputation for high sales costs and poor investment performance and is not the topic of this article.) .An unusually steep drop in inflation has slightly improved the buying power of Social Security benefits this year — by about 9%. But despite the temporary improvement, Social Security benefits have still lost 22% of their buying power since 2000, according to the 2015 Survey of Senior Costs recently released by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL). .PhRMA, the drug industry's lobbying group, called the bill "the wrong approach to lowering prescription drug prices" and said it "imposes harmful price controls in Medicare Part D." But with drug prices for many brand and specialty drugs running into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a single fill, TSCL believes that restricting the rate of increase on prescription drugs, and capping out-of-pocket costs, could help save lives and improve the health of older Americans. .TSCL Calls On Congress To Close The Loop Hole .The Part A deductible, however, is charged "per spell of illness" and it's feasible that you could have to pay it more than one time in a year should you require multiple hospitalizations the same year. .One important factor to consider is the ability to receive benefits and work at the same time without reduction once you have reached full retirement age. The additional income could mean you would pay somewhat more taxes, but it may also be a way to save more earnings for retirement, or, for major investments like repairs and maintenance to retrofit a home for retirement or to replace an aging car. .On Wednesday, Members of the Senate Budget Committee held a hearing called "The Coming Crisis: Social Security Disability Trust Fund Insolvency." They heard from a number of expert witnesses, including Carolyn Colvin, the Acting Social Security Commissioner. .Here's where to go for help with these services: