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    You should still avoid medium or large-sized gatherings. .When asked whether the waiting periods for disability and Medicare benefits should be eliminated, 67% of TSCL's poll participants support eliminating the waiting periods for both Social Security and Medicare. Only 18% supported keeping both waiting periods, 9% supported eliminating the 2-year wait for Medicare alone, and 5% supported eliminating the 5-month wait for Social Security alone. .It is times like these when Social Security benefits are increasingly important, when "the best laid plans" are going awry for millions of seniors. As Congress considers changes to the Social Security system, TSCL is urging Congress to make the need for adequate and stable benefits a priority. … Continued

  • Benefit Bulletin February 2020

    Healthcare Debate Continues in Senate .The database that compares health plans and Medigap policies does not give specific costs, but supplies a range of likely costs. I find some of the estimates confusing and misleading because they are based on certain government assumptions about the services an "average" Medicare recipient uses. Because nobody is "average," this may over or under state costs in your specific case depending on your health. .The Senior Citizens League supports bipartisan legislation that would require Medicare to negotiate lower prices for Medicare Part D, would allow safe importation of prescription drugs from Canada and other countries where the same drugs are often sold for much less, and would ban "pay for delay" deals between drug manufacturers that keep cheaper generics off the market. To learn what you can do to help fight high drug costs, visit . … Continued

TSCL's Board of Trustees on Capitol Hill .Lawmakers End Partial Government Shutdown .Seniors and the Covid Vaccine .Sources: "What Medicaid Cuts Will Mean For Seniors," Gleckman, Kaiser Health News, May 18, 2011. .Moving between retirement communities and facilities can be burdensome and costly. Here are four things to avoid when looking into retirement living: .In 2016, under the Supplemental Poverty Measure 14.5% of adults age 65 and older lived in poverty, compared to 9.3% under the official poverty measure. .In April, lawmakers on the Republican Study Committee proposed a budget blueprint that would have reformed the Medicare program and cut Social Security benefits by adopting the "chained" CPI, eliminating the COLA for some seniors, and raising the eligibility age. Did you support this budget blueprint, and if so, why? ."Even though Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket drug costs are the fastest growing and biggest financial challenge in retirement, that growth is not accounted for in the annual COLA," Johnson says. The consumer price index used to calculate the COLA for retirees reflects the spending pattern of young urban workers, and explicitly excludes people over the age 6But younger workers don't get Medicare, and spend a much lower portion of their incomes on healthcare. .Are You Spending Too Much on Your Medicare Coverage? 2022 Social Security COLA Likely to be 6 to 6.1% Older Consumers Report Food as Fastest Growing Cost in 2021 Update: Social Security COLA For Next Year Could Be 6.2% Congressional Inaction Could Cost Thousands in Social Security, Says New Analysis From The Senior Citizens League The "Medicare Tax" That Never Made It To The Medicare Trust Fund 88 Percent Of Older Adults Want Medicare To Negotiate Drug Prices Social Security Buying Power 62% of Retirees Think Social Security COLA Needs a Minimum Guarantee of 3% Retirees Spent Less on Healthcare Costs in 2020