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    Under current law, the Medicare program is prohibited from negotiating prices with pharmaceutical companies despite the fact that other federal health programs are required to do so. As a result, older Americans enrolled in Part D often pay much higher prices than other American consumers for their prescription drugs. If adopted, this bill would lead to billions of dollars in savings for the Medicare program, and it would immediately reduce prescription drug prices for Medicare Part D beneficiaries. .While 401(k) plans have enjoyed a decade of relatively strong returns recently, these plans carry greater risk and place responsibility on individuals for saving, investment decisions, and management. "These are three skills sets that most of us have never adequately learned, much less ever expected to practice after we retired," says Johnson. "One simple mistake can affect your standard of living in retirement for years," Johnson says. .What should you do? If you still use paper tax returns, don't wait for the forms and instructions to show up in your mailbox. The IRS did not send any out this year. Visit the IRS website at for forms, instructions, and to file online. Free tax assistance services may be available in your area, or call your local IRS taxpayer assistance office. … Continued

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    This week, The Senior Citizens League released its final estimate for the 2019 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), and four key bills gained support in Congress. .According to the president and CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals, "The bill throws a lifeline to caregivers by continuing the pause in the 2% Medicare sequester, and making adjustments to buffer the impact of an ill-conceived change in physician payments during a pandemic." .For progress updates or for more information about these and other bills that would strengthen Social Security and Medicare programs, visit our website at … Continued

Congress Adjourns for Memorial Day Recess .Medicare Advantage plans have somewhat different costs. If the stay is considered observation care, however, that is covered under Medicare Part B, which means you will have a copayment for each individual outpatient hospital service. In addition, Part B doesn't cover most prescription drugs that are received in an outpatient setting. Perhaps even more importantly, the lack of inpatient status also disqualifies you from receiving Medicare-covered care in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home. .Nevertheless, Congress is considering ways to "redesign" Medicare. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that changing the cost-sharing rules for Medicare and restricting Medigap coverage would save the federal government 4 billion over the next ten years.[1] Medicare supplements, better known as Medigap, cover Medicare's deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs. The plans are popular with seniors because they provide financial certainty by reducing unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. .The extent of probable illegal work related to such reinstatements has also been growing. "With more recent work years and earnings, the percentage of reinstatements to foreign-born persons with work activity prior to SSN issuance is significantly higher—an average of about 32% of such reinstatement occurring between 1986-200Further, in some years, these reinstatements for potentially unauthorized work have been in excess of 50% of all reinstatements to foreign-born recipients," the GAO said.(17) .Carefully protect personal information, including your full name, address, bank account, and Social Security numbers. Never give that information out to unsolicited callers. .Last week we learned that the top attorney in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), warned department officials that the program is potentially illegal because it could be in violation of federal election laws. .Initial coverage stage: 4.61 from the lowest-cost drug plan but, as you have discovered, the total cost of the drug is so expensive that you rapidly use up the initial ,820 in the first three months once you factor in the portion that your drug plan pays. .Second, in October, Congress passed legislation to strengthen Social Security's Disability Insurance (DI) program. Many of the recommendations that TSCL made to the House Ways and Means Committee back in August were signed into law, including provisions that will ramp up fraud prevention and test new work incentives for beneficiaries. Most importantly, the law prevents a 20 percent benefit cut that was scheduled to hit 11 million disabled beneficiaries in December 201A cut of that size would have been truly devastating for enrollees, and TSCL applauds Members of Congress for averting it. ."Failing to raise the U.S. debt ceiling could be disastrous," warns The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a group made up of leading U.S. economists, retired economic policy experts, and former Members of Congress concerned about reducing federal debt. If Congress fails to lift or suspend the debt limit in time, the inflow of Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes won't be sufficient to cover daily obligations. That could mean the U.S. Treasury could default on Social Security payments as well as payments to Medicare health plans.