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    Viral Outbreaks Related to Planes .TSCL agrees with Congressman Doggett, and we were pleased to lend our support to both bills this week. For more information or to track the progress of the bills through the House, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website. .Who Will Decide the Future of Your Benefits? … Continued

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    After being suspended since November 2, 2015, the debt cap was reinstated last week. "Although the Treasury secretary is using ‘extraordinary measures' to fund the budget for now, a failure to lift the debt limit in time would affect all Americans, including the timely payment of Social Security benefits," says TSCL Social Security and Medicare policy analyst, Mary Johnson. .Gathering with unvaccinated people from more than one other household .The federal government negotiates prescription drug prices for Medicaid and for veterans, but it is barred from negotiating lower prices for Medicare beneficiaries. As a result, senior citizens enrolled in Part D often pay much higher prices for their prescriptions. What are you doing to correct this unfair policy? … Continued

The costs of custodial care pose a big challenge for Alzheimer's patients and their families. According to a survey of long term care costs by Genworth Financial, Inc., a semi-private room in a nursing home can cost ,148 a month, or ,750 per month in an assisted living facility. Even a home health care aide costs per hour. Many families work to put together a caregiving network with family, friends, churches and community services in the early stages of Alzheimer's treatment. .If you asked a Social Security recipient for a penny for their thoughts on next year's projected 0.2% cost of living adjustment, they could give it to you, but they'd only have .99 left. .This will give them an additional week to try and get something done. If they can't by then, they'll either pass another short-term CR giving them additional time to work until probably Christmas, or they'll give up and go home for Christmas and push everything off to the new Congress and new President in January. .TSCL is highly concerned that the projected decline in Social Security revenues, along with the expected .5 trillion drop in general revenues caused by recent tax cuts, will create growing pressures to cut federal spending on benefits. The most frequently discussed changes include raising the eligibility age for benefits, imposing means testing, and slowing the growth of the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) by tying the annual boost to the more slowly-growing chained consumer price index. .How To Make Smarter Tax Decisions — Higher taxes are in the pipeline for all taxpayers, including seniors. It's essential to get better acquainted with your tax liabilities now, and to take action to reduce them. .Single — your annual income is less than ,090 (,507.50 per month) and resources less than ,820 per year. .Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact The Senior Citizens League at any time. .Voters are worried about the impact that midterm elections could have on Social Security benefits. The U.S. Congressional Budget Office estimates that recent tax reform will add .8 trillion to the federal deficit over the next 10 years. To make matters worse, the Social Security trustees recently reported program financing has eroded, and estimated that the trust funds will run short by 2034, due to lower-than-expected revenue from tax law changes. .In 2015, after a national coalition of senior advocacy groups (including TSCL) demanded action, Congress reduced the increase in Part B premiums from 9.30 per month to 1.80 per month, which was still a very high increase of 16.1 percent. The premium included a "repayment" amount that was added to monthly premiums of all beneficiaries in future years to recover the cost of the reduced premium rate in 2016 over time.