• Legislative Update For Week Ending July 25 2014

    The FAIR Social Security Act (H.R. 1984), introduced by Representative Peter DeFazio (OR-4). This bill would make COLAs more accurate by basing them on the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E). In a letter to his colleagues in Congress, Rep. DeFazio wrote: "Defying all common sense, COLAs are currently calculated based on the cost of goods that aren't purchased in large numbers by seniors … Social Security COLAs should be based on accuracy, not austerity." According to his office, adopting the CPI-E would amount to a monthly benefit increase at the age of 80 for the average retiree, and an increase of per month at the age of 90. .For more information about legislation that would strengthen the Social Security and Medicare programs, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website. For frequent updates from TSCL on Capitol Hill and to view photos from this week, follow us on Twitter. .This week, Members of Congress remained in their home states and districts for the week-long holiday recess. Meanwhile, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) saw support grow for two critical bills that would strengthen the Social Security program. … Continued

  • Legislative Update For Week Ending August 10 2012

    This week, The Senior Citizens League was pleased to see support grow for three key bills that would improve the Social Security and Medicare programs if adopted. .Cruise passengers who are not fully vaccinated are more likely to get COVID-19, which spreads person-to-person, and outbreaks of COVID-19 have been reported on cruise ships. .At any rate, what this means is the legislation that TSCL is fighting to pass which would safeguard and improve Social Security and Medicare still has the possibility of passing this year. Most of those bills will involve new spending, which means they will need to be included in new funding legislation. … Continued

With about 1 million supporters, The Senior Citizens League is one of the nation's largest nonpartisan seniors groups. Located just outside Washington, D.C., its mission is to promote and assist members and supporters, to educate and alert senior citizens about their rights and freedoms as U.S. Citizens, and to protect and defend the benefits senior citizens have earned and paid for. The Senior Citizens League is a proud affiliate of TREA The Enlisted Association. .Unless you are in poor health and need money to put food on the table or keep a roof over your head, these days it makes sense to delay starting benefits as long as you can. That's especially true if you're single and have limited retirement savings. If you claim Social Security too early, you could set yourself up for a reduced standard of living for the rest of your life. .Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment – Ensure a fair, accurate, and guaranteed COLA. .Congress is now back in session but they will not begin considering new legislation for a few days. They are in the process of organizing for a new session and, of course, they will be involved in the electoral college process of electing a new President starting, but perhaps not concluding, on Wednesday. .Unlike the way Medicare negotiates costs for all other medical services and medical equipment, the program doesn't have the authority to negotiate drug prices. That leaves older U.S. consumers paying higher prices than people who get their medications through the VA Administration or state Medicaid programs. And because Medicare isn't negotiating on our behalf, there's no consistency in drug pricing between Part D drug plans either. Prices vary enormously, and new research for TSCL indicates millions of drug plan enrollees are getting gouged when they don't compare and switch to better plans. .In the final weeks of the 111th Congress, TSCL will continue working to prevent cuts to Social Security benefits that are already insufficient for too many of our nation's seniors. .It would eliminate two waiting periods that approved DI recipients must endure. Under current law, approved DI beneficiaries must wait five months to begin receiving monthly benefits, and two years to begin receiving Medicare coverage. .Here are some tips to identify false or misleading claims. .This is a major blow to military retirees whose reasons for settling around a military base included getting the health care they were promised when they agreed to serve a career in the Armed Forces.