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    On Wednesday, Members of the House voted to approve a temporary Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government past September 30th – the end of the fiscal year. Those in the Senate took it up quickly thereafter and voted for its passage on Thursday afternoon, despite reservations from some key Senators. .But a COVID-19 vaccine will have an actual price tag. And given the prevailing business-centric model of American drug pricing, it could well be budget breaking, perhaps making it unavailable to many. .Congressional inaction on the debt ceiling is a growing concern of TSCL's for several reasons. If a default on the federal debt occurs, Social Security benefits would likely be delayed, and millions of seniors living on fixed incomes would suffer financially. In addition, doctors who treat Medicare patients would likely see postponements in their reimbursements from the federal government, and access to quality medical care would be jeopardized for beneficiaries. … Continued

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    Is his condition "severe"? Your husband's medical condition must significantly limit his ability to do basic work— for at least 12 months. .Both bills were adopted by the Senate earlier this year and by the House two weeks ago. At a signing ceremony on Wednesday, President Trump said: "This is very strong legislation to end these ‘gag clauses' once and for all … Our citizens deserve to know the lowest price available at our pharmacies, and now that's what they'll be getting." .Few Employers Withholding Payroll Taxes … Continued

According to experts, the risk of catching the coronavirus on a plane is relatively low if the airline is following the procedures laid out by public health experts: enforcing mask compliance, spacing out available seats and screening for sick passengers. .Congress Adjourns for Thanksgiving Break .However, there is no denying that the past financial crisis and the ensuing recession coupled with the increasing number of participants entering retirement has taken a toll on the Social Security and Medicare Part A trust funds. In fact, the 2013 Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees annual reports found that the Social Security's retirement Trust Fund will be exhausted by 2033 and the Medicare's Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will become insolvent by 202I believe in maintaining the strength of these programs and in order to protect future surpluses of these trust funds, Congress must first enact meaningful reforms to ensure they remain for current and future generations of beneficiaries. .What you can do: Public opinion can sway votes in Congress! Take TSCL's 2012 Senior Survey. TSCL will publicize the results and share your comments with elected lawmakers in our visits to Capitol Hill. .Let's assume you are 30 months from attaining your full retirement age of 6Your monthly widow's benefit would be reduced about 11.9% or 2.60 and you receive ,328.80 or ,277.40 per month (,450 - 2.90 = ,277.40). Let's also assume you currently earn ,000 a year. Under the earnings restriction rule your benefit would be reduced for every over the limit, while you are under your full retirement age. Your earnings are ,360 over the annual limit (,000 – ,640 = ,360). Your benefits would be reduced by ,680 (,360/2 = ,680). That would leave you ,648.80 in benefits (,328.80 – ,680 = ,648.80). Social Security will withhold your benefits for 6 full months and you would then receive your ,277.40 monthly payment for six months. .How many members does TSCL have? .Did your husband work in 2020? If his earnings averaged more than ,260 per month, he generally would not be considered disabled. .The federal government negotiates prescription drug prices for Medicaid and for veterans, but it is not allowed to negotiate lower prices for Medicare beneficiaries. Do you support this policy? .Watch our public service video about the need for a fair Social Security COLA and spread the word!