• Q January 2019

    TSCL Supports Bill To Kill The Medicare Cutting Board .If you have been fully vaccinated: .The new cosponsors of the Social Security Fairness Act are as follows: Congressman Patrick Meehan (PA-7), Congressman Luke Messer (IN-6), Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC), Congressman Danny Davis (IL-7), Congressman Ben Ray Lujan (NM-3), Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-5), Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (MI-14), Congressman Juan Vargas (CA-51), Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1), and Congressman Tim O'Halleran (AZ-1). … Continued

  • Legislative Update March 2014

    A minimal source of supplemental benefits for seniors with extremely low benefits (Supplemental Security Income, or SSI). .Whenever possible, share your views with your elected officials. It is important that they are made aware of how their constituents feel. Remember, you are the one who has control over their job security. You could either call or write your Members of Congress. You can find your member of Congress, as well as their address and phone number, through the Guide to Contacting Congress feature on the Home page of this web site. .When a Senate vote is tied, the Vice President, who the Constitution designates as the President of the Senate, can cast the tie-breaking vote, which is exactly what happened. … Continued

The decision is complicated by significant trade offs that can reduce or even eliminate the money you are hoping to receive. Here are some factors that you need to consider. .[2] Growth of the Social Security "Earnings Suspense File", Mary Johnson, TSCL February 2013. .TSCL believes that beneficiaries need to maintain the freedom to choose their plan, their providers, and how they get their care. "We urge CMS and states to ensure a thorough beneficiary education process and have provisions that allow care with existing providers, especially during the transition," Hyland says. .Second, three new cosponsors signed on to the Social Security Expansion Act (H.R. 1114), bringing the total up to thirty-six. The new cosponsors are Representative Robert Brady (PA-1), Representative Albio Sires (NJ-8), and Representative Tim Ryan (OH-13). If adopted, H.R. 1114 would enhance Social Security benefits by basing COLAs on the CPI-E, increasing monthly benefits by around , improving the Special Minimum Benefit, applying the payroll tax to income above 0,000, and applying a 6.2 percent tax on investment income for wealthy individuals. .At the time of writing this update on Friday morning, the vote had not yet occurred. It is expected to take place on Friday afternoon, before the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has a chance to evaluate the final version. It remains unclear whether or not the AHCA will gain the support needed to win passage. If adopted, the AHCA will move to the Senate, where its future remains even more uncertain. If it fails, Republican leaders on Capitol Hill have said they will move on to other legislative priorities, like tax reform. .The Senior Citizens League supports legislation that would strengthen the COLA and better protect the buying power of Social Security recipients. To learn more, visit . .The "Notch" refers to a major inequity in Social Security benefits that affects seniors born from 1917 through 192According to Social Security Administration data through December 31, 2012, there are about 4.2 billion Social Security beneficiaries born during the Notch years. TSCL estimates that The Notch Fairness Act would cost about .5 billion over four years and could be paid for by doing a better job of eliminating fraud and erroneous payments. .We are still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-1After you've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you should keep taking precautions in public places like wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart from others, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces until we know more. .For information about town hall meetings near you in the days ahead, call the local offices of your elected officials. You can find contact information for your Members of Congress right here.