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    The money that is withheld due to excess earnings is not completely lost. Once you reach full retirement age, the Social Security Administration will recalculate your benefits so that over time you can recover what was withheld. To learn more about getting Social Security benefits while working, visit: .The week ended with a live speech from President Trump heralding the new legislation passed recently that makes mandatory the transparency of the cost of hospital treatments, supplies and prescriptions. Of most interest to TSCL is the high cost of prescription drugs. During our meetings with Congressional offices this week we left information with all of them concerning a large number of issues we are working on including prescription drug prices. .All Americans will one day become seniors, and so it should be the priority of all members of Congress to make retirement planning easier and to defend and strengthen programs like Medicare and Social Security for future generations. … Continued

  • Thieves Stealing Social Security Disability Benefits While Insolvency Looms

    In 2014, 218,000 mature workers indicated to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that they were discouraged by their jobs prospects. Many felt that they lacked the necessary skills or training for available jobs. We need to arm mature workers with better skills so they have the confidence to find a better job and earn a better wage. .In 2016, under the Supplemental Poverty Measure 14.5% of adults age 65 and older lived in poverty, compared to 9.3% under the official poverty measure. .In the coming weeks, TSCL will be keeping a close eye on the confirmation of Congressman Mulvaney, and we will be posting updates about the process on Facebook, on Twitter, and here in the Legislative News section of our website. … Continued

The Inspector General found .1 billion in wages and self -employment income was reported in tax years 2006-2011 under the 67,000 numbers. The wage reports were placed in the Social Security Earnings Suspense File. The problem with placing these numbers into the Earnings Suspense File, however, allows for the earnings to potentially be claimed and used for determining benefits in the future. .We are still learning how well COVID-19 vaccines keep people from spreading the disease. .Members of the House were scheduled to vote on a stopgap funding measure on Tuesday, but leaders have delayed the vote until next week due to a lack of support. It remains to be seen whether or not lawmakers will successfully avert the shutdown, but Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers (KY-) remains optimistic. He said of the delay this week: "We've got some time left here, and conversations are taking place among the various elements … It's not time to panic." .VA officials are talking to other agencies about expanding the availability of vaccines at VA facilities, Richard Stone, acting under secretary for health at the Veterans Health Administration, said. Limited supply has forced the department to prioritize veterans who are currently enrolled to receive vaccines, though in some cases they have managed to immediately enroll eligible veterans on the spot, Stone said. .This year's study found a 3 percentage point gain in the buying power of Social Security benefits from January 2019 to January 2020. That should indicate that most retirees may have seen at least some prices go down on certain items during that period. But this is deflation — which is a strong signal that there may be no COLA next year. This year's 1.6 percent COLA was already low to begin with. A recent deep plunge in oil prices have all but wiped out the prospect of a COLA. .Stories About High Drug Costs Lead To Congressional Investigation of Pharmaceutical Pricing .According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), wages are growing faster for people who earn more than the Social Security taxable maximum than for people earning less. The CBO projects that this unequal growth in earnings will cause a decline in revenues received by the Social Security Trust Fund over the next decade. .Medicare has three Parts: A (hospital), B (doctors and hospital outpatient) and D (prescription drugs). Each has a deductible and each increases every year. In 2007 the Medicare deductibles (annually) are: .Some 48 percent of participants in The Senior Citizens League latest survey, reported that they expect to pay income taxes on a portion of their Social Security benefits for the 2020 tax year. That's down from 53 percent who reported paying income taxes on their Social Security benefits for the 2019 tax year. But that wasn't the only change. Far fewer retirees also indicated that they would not pay tax on their Social Security benefits — 32 percent for 2020 tax year versus 41 percent for the 2019 tax year.