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    What Are The Ten Fastest Growing Senior Costs? .In 2016, under the Supplemental Poverty Measure 14.5% of adults age 65 and older lived in poverty, compared to 9.3% under the official poverty measure. .Guarantee a minimum COLA of no less than 3 percent. … Continued

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    I'm a divorced retiree and I file taxes as a single household. Can you tell me why my benefits are taxed and how the income threshold that subjects Social Security benefits to tax is set? People who have adjusted gross incomes of ,000 (individual) can barely cover living expenses, let alone taxes too. Is there anything I can do to reduce this tax? .The TSCL Board of Trustees and staff are all dedicated to helping seniors. The following services provided by TSCL are considered primary and essential to the betterment of the quality of life of our nation's senior citizens: .The CPI-E regularly puts the spending inflation for seniors at two-tenths of a percentage point higher than the rate at which the CPI-W increases. That may seem like an insignificant amount, but over a twenty-five-year retirement, COLAs do compound significantly. We estimate that a senior who filed for Social Security benefits around thirty years ago would have received nearly ,000 more in retirement if the CPI-E had been used to calculate COLAs. … Continued

Now there is a lobbying effort to make sure enough money is provided for those programs because without sufficient funding states could choose not to take the money and leave their Medicaid programs running as is. .The billion could be financed without taking money from the Social Security Trust Fund. One way is through reduction of pork barrel spending and government waste. In the fiscal year 2001 budget alone, pork "watch-dog" Senator John McCain (AZ-R) estimated that the government would spend a record billion in pork-barrel projects. .However, there are several steps an importer would have to take to be certified to import the drugs and they are costly. If the current FDA rules are kept in place it could be that states would not see significant savings in the costs of drugs, or even enough savings to justify the cost of setting up such a program. .Several unintended consequences have already resulted from the implementation of the new security policy. On Monday, customers of Verizon Wireless – the nation's largest wireless carrier – were unable to access their online accounts due to technical difficulties. In addition, those without access to text-enabled cellphones and those residing in areas with unreliable cellphone service found themselves locked out of their online accounts. .According to TSCL estimates, benefits are now 13% lower this year than if inflation had remained the more typical 3% for retirees who have been receiving Social Security since 2009 when the low COLAs started. A Social Security benefit of ,000 in 2009 is about 2 per month lower today than if COLA had been the more typical 3%, with a total loss of about ,697 in Social Security benefit growth over the past seven years. Over the same period, however, actual senior costs have continued to climb. Some 72% of retirees who participated in TSCL's 2016 Senior Survey reported that their monthly expenses had gone up by more than in 2015, despite the lack of growth in inflation. .Despite our nation's recent partisan political divisions, two surveys by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) found high levels of consensus on five proposals that would strengthen Social Security and Medicare funding and benefits. The proposals would decrease Medicare out - of - pocket costs on prescription drugs for beneficiaries and provide modestly higher, and more adequate, Social Security benefits. "There are more areas of agreement from retirees of different political persuasions than many might believe," says Mary Johnson, a Social Security and Medicare policy analyst for The Senior Citizens League. .My daughter's father-in-law lives with them and he looks really sick. I urged my daughter to take him to the doctor. My daughter tells me that she learned that he doesn't have Medicare Part B. He's 81 years old! After spending hours on the phone, she learned that he will have to pay an extra 0 per month for his Medicare Part B coverage, in addition to the 8.50 for 202Can this be correct? What can she do? .TSCL continues to work with Members of Congress for stronger protections of Social Security. TSCL supports legislation that would ban the payment of benefits based on illegal work — H.R. 787, "No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act," introduced by Representative Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46), and S.95, legislation to prevent Social Security credit from being earned without legal status, introduced by Senator David Vitter (LA). .The hold harmless provision in the Social Security Act (§1839[f]) is an important protection that ensures an individual's net Social Security benefit will not decrease from one year to the next because of an increase in the Part B premium.