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    I was born May 10, 1960. Can you tell me my retirement age? I've read that the retirement age for Social Security is rising. How does this affect the amount that I receive in benefits? Can I still retire and receive benefits at age 62? .Deferred Action allows immigrants under the age of 33, who entered the country illegally as children, to request consideration of deferred action on deportation. In addition, the program provides temporary work authorization, and valid Social Security numbers. The work permits are good for two years and the Obama Administration recently announced they are taking applications for renewal. .Last year, I introduced bipartisan legislation to halt this obscure tax increase on seniors. Since then, we've worked hard to build broad support inside of Congress and out. The bill has the endorsement of a list of taxpayer and seniors advocacy groups and passed the U.S. House of Representatives on a bipartisan vote on September 13, 2016. … Continued

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    Sources: "Social Security Benefits Related to Unauthorized Work," SSA Office of the Inspector General, March 2003, A-03-03-2305"Illegal Immigrant Crackdown Looms," Nicole Gaouette, The Los Angeles Times, August 3, 200 .In 2008, an audit by the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Office of Inspector General found that spouses did not always receive the higher retirement benefits due them. Although 18,768 spouses were identified as eligible for higher retirement benefits in that audit and the SSA developed a notification letter, the agency took no further action to notify beneficiaries – citing "limited resources." As a result, these spouses never received the higher retirement benefits for which they were eligible. .Senior housing experts say they frequently hear clients say they want to live in their own homes. But over time, it can become a great burden, especially when people don't have family that lives close by. Health and physical changes can make it difficult to climb stairs, keep the home clean, and keep up with paying bills. There may be a growing need for help with simple chores like driving to the pharmacy or grocery store. Home maintenance and repairs can even become a source of exploitation from unscrupulous vendors. … Continued

Pfizer and Moderna also are studying the effect of their vaccines on asymptomatic infections. .The only order of business was a resolution which "condemns in the strongest possible terms the horrific attack which occurred." The resolution was passed unanimously. The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) offers its condolences to the victims, friends, and families of those who were murdered or injured and wishes every surviving victim a speedy and successful recovery. .Finally, when older workers do land new jobs, they typically experience a steep drop in income and benefits. Median wages for people who take new jobs in their fifties fall by a median of 57 percent, and 25 percent lose their health insurance. .As we foresaw last week, Congress was not able to finish its work by the end of the day last Friday and had to pass two continuing resolutions (CR) in order to give themselves more time. The current CR runs through next Monday, the 28th. .The move is a long time coming. Legislation passed in 1996 made illegal immigrants ineligible to receive federal benefits. But according to an audit performed by the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 29,185 illegal immigrants had improperly received Medicare benefits from 2009 through 201A review of 133,541 claims revealed that Medicare had paid more than .6 million in claims on behalf of 2,575 unlawfully present individuals. .TSCL feels that individuals should not be penalized financially if they are unable to enroll on time due to technical issues with the website, and we enthusiastically support the Delay until Fully Functional Act. We look forward to working with Sen. Rubio and Rep. Radel in the coming months to help build support for their bill. .The plan that Simpson and Bowles outlined this week includes 0 billion in federal health care spending cuts, including a number of Medicare modifications like raising the eligibility age, increasing means testing for high earners, and reducing payments to providers. Simpson and Bowles also recommended the adoption of the "chained" CPI for the calculation of Social Security cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs). The two wrote in a joint statement this week: "This plan begins where the president and the Speaker left off. It's more health care than the Democrats would like, and more revenue that Republicans support. But in our view, it is the minimum size necessary to put the debt on a clear downward path." .Direct federally funded community health centers to pass discounts they now get for insulin and EpiPens directly to low-income patients. .This week, four new cosponsors signed on to the Social Security Fairness Act (H.R. 1795), bringing the total up to one hundred and thirteen. The new cosponsors are: Reps. Michael Fitzpatrick (PA-8), Frank LoBiondo (NJ-2), Brett Guthrie (KY-2), and Katherine Clark (MA-5). If signed into law, the Social Security Fairness Act would repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) – two federal provisions that unfairly reduce the earned Social Security benefits of millions of teachers, fire fighters, peace officers, and other state or local government employees each year.