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    Medicaid already uses this strategy to lower drug costs, and pays much lower prices than Medicare for the same drug. In June we reported that Medicare spending on the highest price category of prescription drugs, called "specialty drugs," increased from .7 billion in 2010 to .8 billion in 201Spending on the same drugs under Medicaid, the program that provides healthcare for low-income Americans, grew much more slowly over the same period, rising from .8 billion to .9 billion. .The Senate, where Republicans hold the majority, has yet to make a decision as to whether to defer taxes for its employees. .This week, the House Budget Committee met to discuss retirement security in America, and The Senior Citizens League saw three key Social Security bills gain support in Congress. … Continued

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    Throughout the remainder of the 113th Congress, TSCL will continue to urge Members of Congress to pass the Social Security Fairness Act since we believe strongly that it would go far in ensuring the retirement security of millions of seniors. To aid us in our efforts, we encourage you to contact your elected officials to request their support for S. 896 and H.R. 1795. .Did your husband work in 2020? If his earnings averaged more than ,260 per month, he generally would not be considered disabled. .Although it hasn't been introduced as legislation yet, some specifics were outlined in a fact sheet released by the group. Under the plan, the government would pay for three-quarters of the cost of the average plan, and for the most expensive enrollees, it would pay ninety percent of the cost. Wealthy seniors would pay a larger share of the cost, and low-income seniors would receive assistance from Medicaid. In addition, the age of eligibility would increase by three months each year, until it hits seventy in 2034. … Continued

If signed into law, H.R. 1811 would base Social Security cost-of-living adjustments on the Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers (CPI-E) and gradually phase out the cap on income subject to the payroll tax. .The traditional formula does not take into account rising Medicare premiums, deductibles and expenses for prescription drugs that have had increasing effects on this segment in recent years. The revised formula accounted for 15.9 percent of seniors 65 or older living in poverty, which nearly doubled the percentage used in the traditional formula. In total, a record level of 49.1 million Americans are considered in poverty, according to the new estimates. .Homeowners: Are You Covered For The Next Disaster? Maybe Not .Source: " 10 Charts About Public Opinion On Medicaid," Kaiser Family Foundation, June 27, 201"Medicare Savings Program Cuts Delayed By Two Months," Mackenzie Rigg, The CT Mirror, December 5, 201"General Assembly Reverses Cuts To Medicare Program," Keith Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, January 8, 2018. .TSCL supports legislation that would get rid of the taxable wage cap and require all workers to pay their fair share into Social Security. .Where to find premium information. Rather than calling insurance agencies for quotes, first visit the website of your state insurance commission and look for a publication listing all the state-approved Medigap insurers and Medigap plans (A through N) sold in your state. The information includes the insurer's company name, phone number and website address, and more crucially, the current premiums for the plans (A through N). Since all insurers are required to cover the same benefits under specific plans (A through N) then all you need to do is select the plan covering the benefits you are interested in (such as Plan F), then find a good insurer with the lowest premium for the plan you are shopping for. Not all states have all plans. Calls to the insurer are necessary to confirm premium quotes for your zip code. For Part D Plans, or Medicare Advantage plans, use the health and drug plan finder on the Medicare website at It's important to select those plans by selecting the lowest-costing plan based on the prescriptions you currently take. .According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), for an age 65 retiree with average wages, a maximum benefit disparity of 10% would have arisen between the highest benefit under the old rules and the lowest benefit under the new rules if the 1977 assumptions had materialized. Under the economic conditions that actually arose, the disparity was 25%-two and one half times greater. .Congress is considering comprehensive immigration reform that would provide work authorization and with it, valid Social Security numbers, to an estimated 12 million immigrants working in this country illegally.(3) In 2004 Congress passed the Social Security Protection Act (P.L. 108-203) requiring immigrants to have work authorization at the time a SSN is assigned or at some later time, in order to become entitled under Social Security. (4) .As far as the other three orders are concerned, it has been reported that consumers may not notice immediate changes since the orders must be carried out by the federal bureaucracy and could face court challenges.