• 88 Percent Of Older Adults Want Medicare To Negotiate Drug Prices

    (Washington, DC) – New consumer price index data through August confirm that Medicare Part B premiums will spike next year due to an extremely low cost – of – living adjustment (COLA), according to a new estimate by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL). "Low or no COLAs not only affect Social Security benefits, the amount of the annual boost also affects the amount of Medicare Part B premium people will pay in 2017," says Jessie Gibbons, TSCL's Senior Policy Analyst. "For nearly one out of three beneficiaries, Medicare Part B premiums could increase more than 22%," Gibbons says. .The sharp plunge was the result of changes that Congress made in 1977 to a. Could Your Benefits Be Notched? The Notch Fairness Act Introduced in the House and Senate .If we get 100,000 signatures, we know that the President will hear our concerns because the White House will have to answer our petition. … Continued

  • Legislative Update Week Ending March 23 2018

    Another Broken Obamacare Promise – This One Hits Medicare .Second, four new cosponsors – Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT), Senator Roy Blunt (MO), Representative Bill Posey (FL-8), and Representative Maxine Waters (CA-43) – signed on to the CHANGE Act (S. 2387, H.R. 4957), bringing the total up to ten in the Senate and twenty-four in the House. If adopted, the CHANGE Act would promote early identification of Alzheimer's disease, improve support for family caregivers, and provide continuous care for those battling many forms of dementia. .TSCL is deeply concerned about the prospect of cuts to benefits and COLAs. Seniors can ill afford any reduction in benefits once they have already retired and are depending on them for their daily expenses. We urge you to learn how Congressional candidates stand on changes to Social Security and Medicare. To learn whether your U.S. Representative or Senators support legislation of interest to you, visit the TSCL website at or call toll free 1-800-333-8725. … Continued

Most people don't know where to begin, and the process is designed to overwhelm you before you start. You, however, do not have to be one of these people. All you need to do is to call and set up a free counseling session with a local Medicare benefits counselor. Do this NOW. Locate the program in your area on the State Health Insurance Program website — .This higher starting benefit will mean higher cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) in terms of dollars, and higher benefits for spouses and survivors that are based on your benefit. Over the course of a 25 year retirement, the extra money adds up to more income from Social Security, often in the tens of thousands of dollars depending on the age you retire. .I'm a divorced retiree and I file taxes as a single household. Can you tell me why my benefits are taxed and how the income threshold that subjects Social Security benefits to tax is set? People who have adjusted gross incomes of ,000 (individual) can barely cover living expenses, let alone taxes too. Is there anything I can do to reduce this tax? .If you feel that this site is not following its stated privacy policy, you may contact us by writing to The Senior Citizens League, 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22314, through e-mail at [email protected] or call us at800-333-TSCL (8725). All received complaints will be investigated and responded to promptly. .The CBO said earlier this year that if the Congress did not take action to address the shortfalls, the balances in the two trust funds would be exhausted within the next 10 years: Medicare's Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund (in fiscal year 2024), and Social Security's Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund (in fiscal year 2026) .Congress recently enacted legislation that ended two so-called Social Security benefit "loopholes" — known as "file and suspend" and "restricted application." Details about the changes, which affect some married couples and took effect on April 30th, 2016 — can be found in the Social Security Q & A. .I care deeply about guaranteeing that all Americans have access to food, regardless of their income. That is why I introduced this bill. .Lawmakers Avert Government Shutdown ."TSCL's concern is not over taxes collected under valid Social Security numbers," Cates says. "Our concern is over the use of earnings under invalid or fraudulent Social Security numbers to determine benefits," he explains. Earnings reported under invalid numbers most often occur when noncitizens work without legal authorization. But due to a loophole in current law, Social Security uses all earnings to determine benefits, even those from jobs worked under invalid and fraudulent Social Security numbers. Social Security thus pays benefits for the rest of the individual's life that may be based at least in part, on work under invalid Social Security numbers. TSCL believes this policy rewards people for document fraud.