• Legislative Update Week Ending August 24 2018

    For progress updates or for more information about these and other bills that would strengthen Social Security and Medicare programs, visit the our website or follow TSCL on Twitter. .If signed into law, the PRIME Act would take a number of steps to prevent and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse within the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Among other things, it would enact stronger fraud penalties, curb mistaken payments by the agencies, phase out the ineffective "pay and chase" practice, reduce the theft of physician identities, and improve the sharing of fraud data among states, agencies, and programs. .A new Medicare cost-saving rule that was launched late in 2020 will cut payments to hospitals for some surgical procedures and could potentially raise costs for Medicare recipients. According to an article by Susan Jaffe, of Kaiser Health News, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has for years classified 1,740 surgeries and other services as "so risky" for older adults that Medicare would pay for them only when people were admitted to the hospital as inpatients. But under the new rule, CMS is beginning to phase out that requirement. By the end of 2023, these "inpatient only services" which includes complicated procedures such as heart and brain operations, is scheduled to be gone. … Continued

  • Its August Congress Traditional Vacation Month

    TSCL has filed three lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act requesting copies of the agreement and other information and has placed ads in The Washington Times in opposition to the proposed agreement. We will continue to closely monitor the totalization matter. .Most Americans contribute 6.2 percent of every paycheck to Social Security, but due to the taxable maximum wage cap, people earning more than 8,500 pay nothing over that amount. Do you support increasing or eliminating the taxable maximum wage limit to make the program more solvent? .TSCL is also concerned about the debt limit because in prior debates to lift the ceiling, Social Security benefits have been used as a bargaining chip, and retirees have seen unexpected benefit cuts. For example, in 2015, following the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act, millions of seniors already eligible for Social Security benefits learned a popular claiming method called "file and suspend" would no longer be available to them. The unexpected change received no public debate, it went into effect almost immediately, and it hit seniors who were just months away from retirement. … Continued

Will the Government Shut Down in 10 Days? .Today's seniors have spent a lifetime paying into benefit programs like Social Security. They did so under the assumption that those programs' benefits will be there for them when they need them. All too frequently, though, illegal immigrants are reaping benefits without first paying their fair share into the program, and those who paid into Social Security fear that expected benefits will not be available when the time comes. .How Would Higher Medicare Costs Affect My Retirement Budget? .Few employers outside the federal government and the military have taken up the option. Costco Wholesale Corp., United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. are among employers that have said they aren't participating. .By Representative Gloria Negrete McLeod (CA-35) .Congressmen from both sides of the aisle have demanded an explanation. At a recent hearing on reimportation attended by TSCL staff, Senator Bill Nelson (FL) said that Canadian drug shipments were seized from more than 100 of his constituents. .Take A Look At This New Chart From The Senior Citizens League .Lawmaker Sponsors Honesty in CPI Reporting Act .Now, it turns out, AbbVie is helping to fund ads attacking legislation that would lower prescription drug costs.