• Legislative Update Week Ending May 15 2015

    For more information or to view a list of cosponsors, click here. .If more than 12 months have passed, the plan should disenroll your mom, and her Special Enrollment Period should begin at the beginning of the twelfth month and continue through the end of the fourteenth month after the move. .However, price negotiations could be included later this year in a reconciliation bill, a fast-track budgetary move that only needs 51 votes to pass the Senate and cannot be blocked using a filibuster. … Continued

  • Its Tax Season That Means More Scams Aimed At Older Taxpayers

    "Congressional Pay Grows 15 Times Faster Than Social Security Checks" .(Washington, DC) –Today's announcement of a 0.3 percent cost - of - living adjustment (COLA) is another major disappointment to the 60 million people who depend on Social Security, says The Senior Citizens League (TSCL.) "The consumer price index (CPI) that the government uses to determine the annual COLA is simply not doing the job of protecting the buying power of older and disabled Americans," says Mary Johnson, TSCL's Social Security policy analyst. .Sources: "Appeals Panel Weighs Fate of Obama's Immigration Overhaul," Michael Shear, The New York Times, April 17, 201"Effects Of Unauthorized Immigration On The Actuarial Status Of The Social Security Trust Funds," Actuarial Note 151, Social Security Administration, April 2013. … Continued

With 1.2 million supporters, The Senior Citizens League is one of the nation's largest nonpartisan seniors groups. Its mission is to promote and assist members and supporters, to educate and alert senior citizens about their rights and freedoms as U.S. Citizens, and to protect and defend the benefits senior citizens have earned and paid for. The Senior Citizens League is a proud affiliate of The Retired Enlisted Association. Visit for more information. .The Senior Citizens League agrees that the Social Security 2100 Act is a fair and responsible solution to the financing challenges facing the program, and we are proud to have endorsed the it. In the months ahead, we will advocate for its passage tirelessly, and we hope to see it signed into law before the end of this year. .In addition, should your husband improve and regain the ability to work, he would be allowed to earn ,580/month in 2021 before his benefits would be temporarily reduced due to Social Security's earnings restriction rules. Under disability rules, your husband could not earn more than ,310/month without losing eligibility for disability benefits altogether. Should your husband continue to improve, he could earn more by the year he attains full retirement age. .On Friday, Members of Congress remained in their home states and districts for a week-long holiday recess. They are expected to return to Capitol Hill on Monday, June 3rd. In the final days of the Memorial Day recess, many Members of Congress will be hosting town hall meetings and attending events in their home states and districts. .How Can We Cope With Debt In Retirement? .The week ended with a live speech from President Trump heralding the new legislation passed recently that makes mandatory the transparency of the cost of hospital treatments, supplies and prescriptions. Of most interest to TSCL is the high cost of prescription drugs. During our meetings with Congressional offices this week we left information with all of them concerning a large number of issues we are working on including prescription drug prices. .Tax Reform Legislation Introduced in House .How can I get in contact with Medicare? .The new benefit formula under the 1977 law changes used "wage indexing" to calculate the initial retirement benefit. The economic assumptions used by Congress and the Social Security Administration assumed that wages would grow more quickly than price inflation. Generally, this is the way the economy tends to perform under normal circumstances. In reality, however, the reverse happened.