• Making Work Pay Tax Credit Snares 13 4 Million Taxpayers

    The Medicare Hospital Trust Fund is Running Out of Money .The age at which you should start Medicare Part B is still 6Failure to enroll on time can expose you to permanent delayed enrollment penalties, not only for Medicare Part B (doctors and outpatient services) but also for Part D (prescription drug coverage). These penalties which can add 10% - 12% per year respectively to your Part B and Part D premiums for every year you miss enrollment deadlines, for the rest of the time you have Medicare. .It is bad enough that non-medical professionals are involved in criminal activity like this but for a doctor to be part of it is outrageous. … Continued

  • S 2023 Prescription Drug Affordability Act

    One Third of TSCL Survey Respondents Have Not Received Routine Dental Care in Two Years .We are raising our 6-year-old grandson under permanent court ordered guardianship to age 1However, we are not allowed an additional Social Security benefit for this child unless we adopt him. Seems unfair since we have the same responsibility to support him.. Frequently Asked Question: July 2021 Does Congress Plan to Fix An Impending Social Security Cut? .This week, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) saw three critical bills – the Credit for Caring Act, the Social Security Fairness Act, and the Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act – gain new cosponsors on Capitol Hill. … Continued

One of the most important results of this change is that the Senate Majority Leader controls what legislation moves through the Senate. That is crucial in determining what happens in terms of President Biden's agenda in the next two years. .The CARES Act will not impact payment of Social Security benefits because funding from the projected Social Security payroll taxes will be credited to the Trust Fund. Increased borrowing and increased debt costs may put added pressure on Social Security for changes to improve solvency in the near future, though. .Despite the new endorsement from the Freedom Caucus, leaders in the House do not yet have the votes needed to win passage. On Thursday evening, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) told reporters, "We've been making great progress, and when we have the votes we'll vote on it." .What does the policy cover? In addition to basic services, make sure you learn about tooth removals, root canals, periodontal gum treatments, dentures, crowns, bridges and implants. Read details carefully. For example, your dental plan may only cover one implant a year, even though you may need to get two or more done at one time. .When working Social Security recipients who are younger than full retirement age earn more than the annual earnings limit amount, their benefits will be reduced. The Social Security Administration likes to point out that these benefit reductions are "not truly lost because your benefit will be increased at your full retirement age to account for benefits withheld due to earlier earnings." But as you have discovered, you can sometimes wind up owing money to Social Security that was not withheld properly. .What do you think? Take TSCL's 2014 Senior Survey. .Instead, that money has gone into the pockets of the wealthy. Now Republicans want to cut benefits for hard - working Americans. They want to harm the most vulnerable among us, including manufacturing a crisis to put disabled Americans at risk of facing a nearly 20% cut in benefits, even while they provide more tax breaks for the wealthy and for corporations. .When Should Single People Move to Assisted Living? .I turn 65 later this year and I'm in good health. How much will Medicare premiums cost, and what other costs will I have? I do not get health insurance where I work.