• Benefit Bulletin April 2016

    The vast majority of illegal immigrants come to this country for jobs. To obtain one, they need documentation to show an employer. There's a huge underground business in the manufacture and distribution of phony or even stolen Social Security numbers (SSNs). According to media reports, counterfeit SSNs and papers can be purchased on the streets for under ,000. .The article continued, "The NBER study zeros in on how increases in prescription drug costs among Medicare recipients affect patient choices and comes to a stark finding: ‘Patient cost-sharing introduces large and deadly distortions into the cost-benefit calculus,' the report said." .78% Of Older Voters Support Strengthening Social Security By Raising Payroll Taxes … Continued

  • Legislative Update For Week Ending April 5 2019

    This week, one new cosponsor – Congressman Bill Foster (IL-11) – signed on to the Social Security 2100 Act (H.R. 1902), bringing the total up to 16The bill, which was introduced just a couple of months ago, has more support in Congress than any other comprehensive Social Security reform bill to date. ."This year's zero COLA combined with next year's insufficient increase will have a devastating impact on the long term adequacy of Social Security benefits for millions of Americans … we hope that you will act swiftly and responsibly before the end of this year," the letter stated. .According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), for an age 65 retiree with average wages, a maximum benefit disparity of 10% would have arisen between the highest benefit under the old rules and the lowest benefit under the new rules if the 1977 assumptions had materialized. Under the economic conditions that actually arose, the disparity was 25%-two and one half times greater. … Continued

The massive effort is needed to change how 59 million people enrolled in Medicare are identified. Historically the red, white, and blue Medicare cards have used the beneficiaries' Social Security number for the Medicare ID number. Unsurprisingly those numbers are a prime target for identity theft and fraud. The new cards come with a unique computer-generated series of 11 letters and numbers. .New Medicare Enrollees in 201Because these people are new to Medicare they have not had an increase in the Part B premium. Thus, they must pay the full amount in 2017 when they sign up. .TSCL's legislative team is monitoring the tax reform negotiations closely, and we have serious concerns about several provisions that would impact older Americans, including the following five… .At a time when Congress is deeply divided on many issues, we need to find a way to break through the gridlock to pass bipartisan, commonsense measures to support our nation's seniors. In that spirit, I introduced the bipartisan SAFE ID Act to ensure that seniors can retire without fear of having their identity stolen or losing their savings. With nine of the ten top cities for tax-ID fraud located in Florida, many seniors in my home state have fallen prey to identity theft and other forms of fraud. This bipartisan legislation will eliminate one big source of identity theft by allowing a shortened taxpayer identity number to be used in place of a social security number on taxpayer forms like W-2s. .What Could A COLA of No Less Than 3 Percent Mean For You? .Despite progress on the bill's movement in the House this week, the AHCA appears to have a tough road ahead. TSCL will be keeping a close eye on it in the days and weeks ahead since its passage would negatively impact the health and financial stability of older Americans. For updates, follow TSCL on Twitter, or visit the Legislative News section of our website. In addition, we encourage our members and supporters to call their representatives in Congress to request their opposition to the AHCA. Contact information can be found HERE. .Lawmakers Approve Temporary Spending Bill .The legislation now calls for a "one-time, one-year increase in the Medicare physician fee schedule of 3.75 percent" in 2021 "to provide relief during the COVID-19 public health emergency." .The Earnings Suspense File represents a huge growing potential liability to the Social Security program. Currently the file holds more than 295.5 million wage reports worth more than 5 billion. Wages are used to determine entitlement to Social Security benefits. Under current law when a worker is found eligible for Social Security, all earnings that can be proven are used to determine entitlement, even for jobs worked without legal authorization.