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    Florida's contact tracing program has been mired in controversy over reports that it is understaffed and ineffective. For instance, CNN called 27 Floridians who tested positive for COVID-19 and found that only five had been contacted by health authorities. (The Florida Department of Health did not respond to requests for an interview.) .But if your mom has lived with you some months already, you will need to determine if her former Medicare Advantage plan has already learned from CMS or the Postal Service of the move. If she moved over six months ago, then the plan should disenroll your mom 12 months after the move, but her Special Enrollment Period begins at the beginning of the sixth month and continues through the end of the eighth month after your move. .Sixty-five percent of people surveyed by The Senior Citizens League support lifting the thresholds that subject Social Security benefits to taxation. The Senior Citizens League is seeking input from the public on this issue. To participate in a survey about Social Security and Medicare, visit . … Continued

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    Seniors Speak Out: TSCL Delivers Petition Tsunami To Congress .This week, the Social Security Administration announced the 2019 cost-of-living adjustment, and President Donald Trump signed into law legislation that will result in lower out-of-pocket prescription drug costs at pharmacies. In addition, The Senior Citizens League saw in Congress. .Chairman Johnson said: "I know that fixing Social Security will require tough choices that will affect the lives of millions of Americans. Congress has a responsibility to the American people to make these choices. And the longer we wait, the harder it gets. If we wait until the Trust Funds are exhausted, some options won't even be available anymore. We must take this responsibility seriously. Americans want, need, and deserve nothing less." … Continued

The process involves more than just an application. If you qualify you would also need to select a drug plan. You can apply for Extra Help anytime. Visit to apply online. Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. .Near the end of this past November President Trump issued two rules aimed at lowering prescription drug prices that affect Medicare beneficiaries. The rules followed up on executive orders that Trump signed in July. .The prices that insurers pay for in-network services are typically much lower than the provider list prices. .After spending four days at a local hospital being treated for a broken elbow and pelvis, 93-year-old Lois Frarie went to a nearby nursing home to build up her strength. Her family was later shocked to learn they would have to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket since two of the days she spent in the hospital were considered "observation care" as an outpatient. Because she wasn't an inpatient for at least three consecutive days, she didn't qualify for Medicare's nursing home coverage. .Medicaid already uses this strategy to lower drug costs, and pays much lower prices than Medicare for the same drug. In June we reported that Medicare spending on the highest price category of prescription drugs, called "specialty drugs," increased from .7 billion in 2010 to .8 billion in 201Spending on the same drugs under Medicaid, the program that provides healthcare for low-income Americans, grew much more slowly over the same period, rising from .8 billion to .9 billion. .How do you envision your perfect day in retirement? Are you the type that needs to be busy with work and projects to feel fulfilled, or do you look forward to spending time puttering around on your own, traveling or just enjoying leisure? Note how you like to spend your time. .May Signal Zero COLA for 2016 .Social Security Can Be Fixed Without Benefit Cuts .On Thursday, the House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee held a hearing to discuss the findings of the new 2018 Social Security Trustees Report. Those on the subcommittee heard from Stephen Goss, Chief Actuary at the Social Security Administration.